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i need some advise! a little history on me: we've been ttc for 9 months now without any luck. my doctor did blood work and an ultrasound. she said the ultrasound looked normal and in fact during one she could tell that i had just OV. my bloodwork showed that my progesterone was alittle low. (which i had previously diagnosed myself with LPD before going to the doctor b/c i had been charting and always seemed to start AF around day 22-23). Anyway, i started prometrium 2 cycles ago. i was told by the nurse to start taking it after OV and continue until i started my next period. repeat as nessecary. cycle one was 29 days long! i thought "great, my cycle is straighted out!". not so much. cycle 2: on day 21 and 22 i started lightly spotting old blood. then this morning day 23 it was slightly red. so does this mean my cycle is messed up again? what now? do i stop taking the prometrium until next cycle? i did a little reading this morning and some women are saying that they only take the drug for 5 -10 days and then wait for AF to come and that they wait a few days after OV to start the drug. My doc. did not tell me to do it this way. am i taking the medicine incorrectly? sorry for such a long post. PLEASE HELP! i'm at my whits end with this process.