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We are starting to get a few tomatoes here, and the squash and cucumbers are coming on strong. I'm hoping to make pickles tonight. Unfortunately the deer are coming on strong too, and I'm not sure that I will have any peas left if I don't do something soon. Anyone have any good suggestions (other than a fence) for keeping out deer? I've read about a number of things online, but just wondering if any of them work.
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Well, June has been sort of a hard month on our little garden. May was very wet, and brought everything on beautifully, but June has been utterly scorching hot and dry. Vine borers got all of my yellow squash and zucchini, and the pumpkin that had volunteered out the compost. It looks like our romas didn't come up, but we've got tons and tons of cherry tomatoes, and one other variety I can't recall off the top of my head. The broccoli went straight to seed. The beans are still doing well, and the cantaloupe plants are very healthy and beginning to flower. The okra has also started to produce, and the peppers just love it here. I also had a sweet potato sprout in the compost, I think I'll leave it and see if how it does. Our white potatoes were very good, I wish now that we had planted more. Maybe we'll get a fall crop in.
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We're finally getting some heat and sunshine and my garden's loving it! Things are finally growing, but we're still so far from any harvesting. I may not get a tomato until September at this rate.
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I'm here, haven't read all the posts here and I still have some boxes to un-pack and the house to clean by next Weds. So, I'm around and trying to get back into posting here. Currently taking care of my MIL's garden. It's not much, but I figure by next year I'll be back in the swing of things.
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We're one of those families that keeps moving to a new house every year (some sort of weird habit I just can't seem to break ) This is the smallest garden I've had in about 8 or 10 years, but I think I'm rocking it out properly and adding on to it bit by bit.

We had the most delicious fresh pesto pizza with jalepenos both from the garden last night (also had portobellas, walnuts, bell peppers and cheese, none of which I can take credit for). Lettuce is still going strong, I think because it's a mix of seeds, and has afternoon shade. So some have bolted, but where I pull those, the other plants just get bigger

I bought rhubarb plant and service berry bush yesterday and am super excited to get those in the ground today! Those are going to go in a part of the yard that's on the edge of a tiny wooded hill that the kids build a fort in, so they can come out and pick berries from their fort.

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At this rate I'll probably be going to u-picks and canning more than growing.
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I updated my small space garden photojournal.

Neighbors are in the throes of toddlerhood and TTC, so they are going to let us borrow as many of their now-empty pots as we want. I may end up with a jungle back here!!!

What can I grow now in San Diego? It is late June and our warmest months are still to come (July, August, September, and October...sometimes midway through November, too)..... I'll have some large pots from the neighbors and full sun and partial sun areas to put them.

What would you plant in these colorful pots?

They are small and have no drainage hole. I was thinking originally of them being outside because of the lovely colors, but now I don't know what would work in this small of a pot. I was thinking of leaving the plants in the plastic growing pots for drainage and adding a layer of rocks under the plastic pot inside the ceramic pot. Or, I could drill a drainage hole. They seemed bigger in the store. I could use a couple inside for small houseplants. I could line the front walkway with them, which would look pretty.

What could I put in them that can handle mostly shade and a lot of neglect? There is no watering source out front and I always forget those poor plants. They are all dead now except my coleus (sp?), which did better last year in the full shade. A couple trees were removed and now there is more light, although it is still diffused most of the day. Any direct sunlight comes in the morning, but that is only farther down the wall away from the front door.
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