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6 yo lying. Normal?

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Dd, almost 7, has started telling "little" lies to her friends and family. I'm not sure how seriously I should take this - if it's normal, or not.
She told one friend I wouldn't let her ride her bike, when in reality, she just didnt' want to. She told another friend she had taken the charm off of her necklace so she could put a tooth (she had just lost a tooth) on it for the tooth fairy, in reality, she had removed the charm to put another one on. As she was learning to ride her bike, she told several people she could do it, before she was able to. Little things. But, I worry that it's a trend, or, indicative of self esteem issues.
I did talk to her about the importance of being truthful and that family and friends need to believe her when she says something.
Do your 6-7 yos do this? Any ideas or advice? Thanks!
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Subbing because my 7y has been doing this lately as well and I am clueless about this phase. I do know it is normal. What I have been doing sometimes. is not to call her on her lies or sneakness but saying things like "Hmmm, there must of been money fairies that took my quarter that was on the counter. Maybe we can all look and see if we can find where the fairies took it." She always "finds" what was missing. If I tell her that I know she took it than it turns into a "I didn't do it" power struggle when I know perfectly well she did do it. So we do the fairy thing even though she knows fairies are not real (we don't do tooth fairy, etc...) and talk about why it isn't polite to take things, and brainstorm ways that the fairy can ask to earn a quarter or something along those lines.
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i think that's just normal since i could remember doing the same things when i was a kid. but to me it isn't lying it was playing.
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Very normal.
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