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Planning for future trees?

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I won't be able to live on my untreed acreage for a couple to three years, then we plan to build. I am guessing I won't be able to start planting until then due to the future excavation process and also cause water won't be available until it is piped to the house. There is a creek. Are there any tricks for getting larger trees for cheaper or is there anything I am missing here in terms of planning? I want a shelterbelt for wind.
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Our county soil and water conservation office sells trees in the spring. It's geared toward encouraging people to plant shelterbelts, so you can buy a lot of trees for cheap ($1-$2 each) but the trees are just little sticks. My dad has bought them before and planted them in a little "nursery" patch and then moved them to where he wanted them in a couple years. You might consider doing something similar and pick a spot on your land that won't be in the way of building your house. At least you would have a three year head start.
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That's a great idea! Thanks.
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I buy from soil and water too! The first year I was pretty disappointed at the size or everything,and did not buy the next.But then seeing how quickly they grew I started buying again.Can't beat the price. I have gottenawpaw,plum,cherry,hazelnut,some evergreens,elderberry,cranberry,serviceberry. I try to get a lot of edibles.

My only mistake the first year was planting them to close together. I really spaced out my stuff this year.

The other option is getting larger trees from the store once they are marked down.

And another is starting with cuttings of fast growing stuff. I have some cork screw willow and forthysia(sp) that grew really fast.I used those to create some privacy.
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Yeah- it must be hard to see the tiny little things and want big trees NOW but I am going to have to practice patience and plant those free trees. When the house is built I will likely splurge on a few big trees for around the house.
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pick fast growing things!!! Some oaks grow so slowly, while some are pretty quick..
you could always grow things now in pots and transplant, you know..
if you start some things now, by the time you plant them, they'll be nicer than what i would consider affordable from a nursery.. big trees are pricey!!
you can also walk over your property if you have any trees and flag a few to try to move closer to your house.. we're doing that with some beeches. it saves them too, because if they're close to other trees, they might not make it as well as they will when we give 'em room to grow!
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