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not yet, nope. I had my 6 week and went on the minipill and it takes two weeks to start working so at this point we are waiting for that. DH bless his soul hasn't brought it up at all and we haven't had sex since about the 5th month of my pregnancy and maybe only 3 times before that the whole pregnancy. With DD1 we waited 10 weeks and I was really nervous and it didn't hurt at all! Instead it felt much better. This time I'm having a lot of pain from one tear site and having prolapse issues so my biggest worries are about how I will look and feel down there to DH. I know I'm not 100% healed yet, it takes me about 3 weeks to heal from a scratch so a tear is going to take a heck of alot longer.
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Dying to, but can't. MW said I need another 2 weeks to heal. I'm about 7weeks PP. My husband doesn't care. He'd probably rather spend the 20 min before bed staring at the baby while he sleeps.

oh well. Soon enough, I guess. I suppose I should start taking those pills...
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Nope. I'll be 4 weeks PP on Monday so it's still early for us. We are definitely acting like we did when we were first dating though
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The AirForce was going to take him away for a while so we DTD a few times...just 1 week after my c-section was the soonest. I thought that maybe breaking the rules but since I didnt have any trauma to my hooha I thought maybe it was OK?! He has gone now so def. no DTD until he gets back which is around a month away.
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We finally did this morning! Just over 9 weeks. My vagina feels like it might fall out.
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We started back up at 6 weeks exactly even though I haven't seen the midwife yet. It was not bad at all! I was so surprised. I was expecting horrible pain and it was just a little bit of mild stinging, no big deal.
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We haven't at about 7 weeks out. I am just too tired and not in the mood. We will eventually get around to it though.
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We did over the weekend and OUCH! I'm 8 weeks pp and had a c-section so I figured that everything would be ok. It wasn't. :-/ We hadn't done it since the third trimester, so it had been a while. I do have the desire, despite all the nursing, so I'm hoping that next time is a bit more . . . um . . . pleasurable.
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we have several times, maybe once a week since 7 or 8 weeks. i'm still sore, even though i didn't tear, strange.

and..... since this is a sex thread.... i'm tighter? i thought the opposite was supposed to happen? i was feeling it, and my husband said it feels the same to him.
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Originally Posted by Peace+Hope View Post
and..... since this is a sex thread.... i'm tighter? i thought the opposite was supposed to happen? i was feeling it, and my husband said it feels the same to him.

Welcome to the incredible stretchy, shrinking vagina!

(It's a myth that you get "loose" after childbirth.)
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Sorin, sex the first time after the c/s hurt me way more than sex the first time after vaginal birth. Makes no sense. However, things were still the same "down there" after the c/s and they are not now.

I've got, like, a ridge or lip or something inside on the perineal end that is new from being stitched together & that burns sometimes, but barely. And, idk, dh said it felt the same, but I know that it *always* hurt upon entry & now it doesn't & that makes me sad. However, that loss aside, who knew that pushing a kid out the ole vagine would make things feel so much BETTER?!
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Agreed, dogretro! Sex is better and much less painful than after my section.
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Originally Posted by mom2happy View Post
Almost 7 weeks pp and NO way.
Id rather be on this website than dtd at this point in my life.
When I am nursing my estrogen is so low Im like a non sexual being.
I dont even cry or really get sad easily. Its kind of cool because Im emotionally the most stable ever when Im nursing.
But sex.... nah
I co sleep and have 3 kids so there isnt a possible time anyway.
It works out because Dh has been working around the clock. He doesnt get home till after bed.
I picture a glass of red wine and sitting out on the deck one night this summer together and just maybe something will happen. I dont think there is any reason to rush unless he's really getting anxious.
Oh- was this my post?
Well, I guess he got anxious. He was awful nice on Tues. when he got home from work. I really had no choice, but boy it hurt really bad and we had to stop. I dont remember the hurting part, just the not wanting it part.
If it didnt hurt it wouldnt have been bad.

It must be hormones, but when I am breastfeeding for the first few months I cant transition from mommy to sexy mama and then breastfeed and leak milk everywhere 5 minutes later.
Also, a little chubby right now I couldnt feel sexy no matter what.
I know theres the love part, but for me thats cuddling or being close.
(Of course thats impossible w/ Dh because if that doesnt lead to anything- its pointless.)
To dtd and like it I NEED to feel attractive or its doesnt work.
Thats my update - Atleast the ice is broken.

Oh and in case none of you ladies knew.. astroglide now has a paraben free version. (I went to the drug store the day after so Id be prepared for the next attack)
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Yeah I am sure the whole "breasts are sustenance now" thing is part of why I have no desire whatsoever, but even without that, I just have no sex drive. It's not because I'm worn out, because we sleep pretty decently. It just is what it is, I guess.
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It's all hormones. Evolutionarily, it makes sense that our bodies would not be back in procreation mode at this point - all of our resources would be going towards keeping this newborn alive, not trying for another.
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We've dtd a few times, when we could steal time from the no-sleeping baby. It stung! Mostly my perineum, but my DH looked and said it's not where I tore. (Very small 2nd degree) In fact it stings quite often now. I was going to go to the doctor, but sounds like maybe this isn't abnormal?

I have (correction: had) the desire, but knowing the stinging is coming kills it completely. I also feel extremely unsexy due to extra weight (who says nursing drops pounds?!?!) and the strange way it is distributed now!

Oh, 10 weeks post partum here.
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I didn't tear and my perineum stings during sex, too. I figure that it's because it's still knitting back together. It stretched a LOT.
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I still have no urge whatsoever. Cecilia's almost 12 weeks old...
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Me neither, really. But we've done it twice. DH wanted that for Father's day...who was I to say no?

But both times I've ended up enjoying it...though there is always part of my brain that's waiting for the baby to wake up.

I have had to have some *ahem* assistance, though.
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
I have had to have some *ahem* assistance, though.

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