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so does Peirs really not like Howie? or is that just for TV...?
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I'm assuming it's just for TV, but who knows. It sure sounds like he doesn't agree with Howie or Sharon half the time.

That clip of Hannibal Means and Howie was funny. I didn't know that Joel McHale was on the Soup.
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Originally Posted by flminivanmama View Post
There is the unicorn again.

I think I would watch a show with Howie and Hannibal on it. I would watch it over that Jersey show or any of those housewife shows.
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Piers is annoying. So is Howie. They think they are funny, bah.
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Well, some of the people I voted for got through. I don't really get ArcAttack, so I didn't vote for them. I mean watching it on tv, it's just not very interesting. I bet it would be better in person, like fire juggling.
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I think ArcAttack is pretty cool.

We're Prince Poppycock fans here.
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we also are rooting for Prince Poppycock here....

I think Piers has crossed over from being just slightly mean to Howie to saying some out and out unacceptable things.... but I guess he just thinks it's funny?
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that youtube magician, dan sperry, amazing! he looked really annoyed that sharon couldn't stop laughing. I don't think that was his intended reaction.
i can't at all figure out how he did either the first trick where his mask turned into a dove or the lifesavers/dental floss thing. amazing.

PLUtonic were so cute! i wanted them to get through.
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any thoughts on the wildcards?
I was glad to see cj dippa go AGAIN!
I'm glad Grasso is back. I thought he was so great.
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oh em gee, Howie is a farking...well, OK, no namecalling, but darn. He buzzed the pianist? I agree with Piers, it's a talent show, and this piece was definite crossover and fun to watch being performed as well. Would I want to watch a full show of it? I could, just as easily as listening to a singer or watching dancers. But neither am I going to want to watch a full show just of rock climbers or just rope artists or just magicians. I think the point is he has a talent that would work well in more than just one venue.

But I have to say I thought Dan Sperry was bad, so that's where I'm coming from.

Debra Romer just isn't a great singer, I think she could be fine if she took some lessons, but I thought the song showcased her vocal ability pretty well. She's breathy and doesn't know how to handle her register breaks.
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Debra Romer is defnitely not the greatest singer, though I am glad she's getting gigs. Michael Grasso was great, as is Fighting Gravity--I voted for them.

Still a Prince Poppycock fanatic, though.
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Well, darn, I'm really disappointed that Alice Tan Ridley didn't make it through. I decided to vote for 4, and not for one in more than one category. So for magician I chose Michael Grasso, dance Studio One, singer Alice Tan Ridley and I voted for Maestro Alex because I thought he was entertaining and very talented. I wish Alice had made it in ahead of Jackie Evancho.
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Originally Posted by witchygrrl View Post
Debra Romer is defnitely not the greatest singer, though I am glad she's getting gigs.
Yeah, I thought she was sweet and it is good to hear that this contest is helping her with her career.
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Wow, some of the acts were really good tonight
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I only voted for Poppycock, but I did enjoy Fighting Gravity and Michael Grasso.

I wasn't a fan of Taylor's arrangement, but it was done well. Michael Grimm was fabulous...I just don't see either of them as Vegas acts. Grimm needs to be on stage in Chicago or St. Louis, singing the blues, definitely.

And Jackie Evancho, while a beautiful singer, is TOO YOUNG FOR VEGAS. So are Anna and Patryck. I never vote for kids on the show because while cute and talented, I have a real problem with kids being exploited in that way. I'm afraid of them burning out before they reach maturity.
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I am not really impressed with Fighting Gravity I think I could teach third graders how to do that but I taught junior high kids colorguard, which is much harder. Sorry, I am sure that will earn me a lot of tomatoes but I don't think what they do requires talent. They were not even in sync.

I am very pleased with the other three, I just wish the fourth was Michael Grasso.
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I was not a big Fighting Gravity fan, but this time I voted for them for a number of reasons, one of which is that they are/were Virginia Tech students. I didn't think Fighting Gravity or Arc Attack was that interesting to watch on TV, but I have to admit that they have a lot to put together and coordinate in a short amount of time, and maybe I was just missing something.

I voted for Michael Grasso and Prince Poppycock--the only singer I chose to vote for, but then 3 made it in, which I think is kind of boring. I wish that Michael Grasso had made it through.
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Me too, Viola. Fighting Gravity, Michael Grasso, Prince Poppycock, and Michael Grimm would have been my ideal Final Four.
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My final four would've been Jackie Evancho, Michael Grasso (so sorry he's out! ), Fighting gravity (not a big fan but knew they'd go through), and of course Prince Poppycock (he's awesome!). Now out of them all I"d definitely pay to go see Prince Poppycock.
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my ideal final 4 would have been Prince Poppycock (yay!!), Jeremy Van Schoonhoven, Michael Grasso... well not sure about the 4th - none of the singers.... (other than PP) - maybe someone who was already eliminated
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