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Talk to me about dollar store New Choice OPK's...

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So I am trying to figure out if I have ovulated yet or if I haven't yet....

Here's my

I was using internet cheapie OPK's...and there was like NO line on the OPK's making me think I wouldn't ovulate any time soon.

However..I used a dollar store test...and it shows a darkish line but the line isn't as dark as the control line. The line looks like I'm either coming off a surge or going towards the surge possibly?

When I read the back of the package..it says the test is positive if two lines show up and that the intensity of the lines may vary. What does that mean? Does it mean that the test I got was a positive and I should be ovulating soon? I always thought with OPK's that the test line had to be darker or as dark as the control line to be positive?

Now..after reading the back of the test I'm so confused. It considers a negative to be no line at all on the OPK.

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I use these.

The intensity of the control line may vary...
so you if you are saving a bunch of them to review later on (like I do), one might have a really dark control line and the next might have a semi dark control.
You still need to be darker or as dark as the control, no matter how dark that line is.

If your line is close to color of the control, you are *probably* close to your surge.
My experience tells me that my lines are darker longer leading UP TO SURGE, than coming down from the surge. Once you ovulate the LH drops fast....

I find these much easier to use and better quality than internet cheapies. I've used ICs a ton in the past and got so annoyed (even though they are so cheap) I bought $trees this past cycle...

What is your CM like today? it's not filled in.
I tend to use them twice daily (at least) when I think it's getting close (sore nipples when nursing, EWCM, twingey feelings, etc). I keep taking them twice daily until it's a clear negative. Good luck!
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ditto the above completely. i do also like the green handled ics though, but this last batch, which was supposedly wondfos, came with pink handles, and i dont like them. the $trees work well. when it's positive, there's no doubt, they are pos. like pp said, test several times a day though, so you are sure to catch it.
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Well here's the deal...

I woke up this morning and my temp had kinda shot up....but it's still not really considered "high" or "post ovulation" high according to the rest of my charts.

Do you think I could have O'd yesterday!?

I woke up really really warm (which does happen after I O)..but I also went to bed at 2 am (I temp at 5am) and I'm not sure if that may have had anything to do with it? I DID check my cervix this morning and it seems kinda dry which to me is unusual. Normally when I check it it's a bit slippery during this time. (DH and I did BD this morning and he said that it still seemed quite wet in there...)

Normally my EWCM lasts for about 4 days.....I've only really noticed two days thus far. Today I haven't recorded anything yet because I'm not really sure. It seemed kinda dry to me this morning when I checked it.

All of my (internet cheapie) OPK's have been totally negative..and there's barely even been a line on them! I was figuring since I M/c I'd O later than normal. Now I am freaking out that we totally missed it since we only BD'd one time the other day in the morning!

I took a dollar store test....and the line on it looked wayyyyyyyyy darker than it did on the IC test...and it looks like I'm either coming down from a surge or going up to a surge...I obviously don't really know yet since I haven't gotten one single positive OPK this cycle yet and I've started taking them since Monday which was CD 12.

I did notice some creamy CM yesterday late afternoon..while in the morning I noticed EWCM. If we BD'd this morning yet...would there be a chance we'd catch the egg?

I am seriously going to be so sad and mad and reduced to tears if I did end up missing O. DH even mentioned something about him coming to bed so we could DTD and I fell asleep last night. I figured since the OPK's were so so so so negative...that I would O later like I thought I would.


Sometimes though, I do notice that I get a rise, and then it goes back down for a few days and then I get a bigger rise. Maybe that's what will happen here? I'm not sure.

Also...do you think since my line is still pretty dark this morning that I may still have a chance and ovulate tomorrow?? I am going to use another OPK later tonight around like 5pm ish probably and see what it looks like. I guess if it's lighter than my line from this morning I can assume I already O'd.

What are the chances of me getting pregnant if I O'd yesterday but BD'd the morning of the day before??

Thanks so much ladies. Your help is sooooooooo appreciated!!!!!!

Here is my
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if you o'd yesterday and bd'd the day before, your timing is good! that's probably the best day, if you have to pick one. in either case, dont beat yourself up over any of this, you are doing everything you can. for whatever it's worth, like i said, i dont trust the ic opks i have right now, so last month, i ended up getting a couple $trees to compare. they were both positive at the same time, but for some reason, they didnt jive before that as far as how dark the test line was, it seemed random and very different. anyway, keep dtd just in case, until you know for sure. you could even have geared up and then didnt o, but when that happens, you usually will gear back up and o pretty soon after. you are right things may be mixed up from the m/c.
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