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Originally Posted by Pariah View Post

Do any of you happen to be located in Maryland? It would be exciting to find local unjobbers.

we're in MD, in upper MC and we travel to FC a few days a week (used to live there before leaving STBX).

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Pariah, I don't think I can more highly recommend that book. The other day, my partner was listing off all of his veiled excuses for why he doesn't start and complete anything toward his aspirations, and I could literally flip through and use lists in that book to repeat his words to him. It was shocking. It was surprising to my partner that all of the "reasons" he gave, that to him seemed valid, evaporated in the reality that they were things to overcome, not accept.



To update:


Right now, a significant portion of the book I'm illustrating has been axed, so the 100 drawings expectation has suddenly become difficult, if not impossible, to complete. I'm not sure exactly how to go about this, but it should end up being okay; the people I'm working with are all very decent, reasoning people. For my part though, my commitment to 100 drawings, as a maximum for 3 months, included the necessity of the drawings for the portions that are now not part of the book, and they accounted for nearly half of the 100.


I also won't suddenly have loads of time to draw just because the book ends up being rushed toward the end, just before printing. I mean that if they suddenly want a pile of drawings to make up the 100 right in the last week when they are sure of their layout and the book is edited, I won't be capable of doing that. I was very clear about that at the beginning. I have five children and my partner still has a job (he quit one of the two! Yay!), so I can't just g into full-time production for a week because they're rushed.


I don't recall if I posted this, but it probably helps others if I post amounts and 'arrangements' (I always wish people would; I don't understand the reason for so much secrecy about money), so I'm going to "be the change [I] wish to see. :)


I made a handshake arrangement for a package of drawings (100 maximum) to be completed by March 31st. The total pay offered was $2000, and this was preferable to me because a per drawing fee would mean that my creative control would be much, much less, and they would seek other ways of obtaining drawings besides from me.


So far, I've spent between 15 minutes and 2 hours per drawing. It works out to me having spent about 1 hour per drawing so far- give or take only a few minutes. Overall, this is a great opportunity for me as well, so if it ends up working out to $20/drawing if they end up needing all 100 drawings, that's okay with me. It's not a stellar amount, BUT to mitigate this low price, they have agreed that they are paying only for first printing rights. I am free to make artist's prints and sell the originals because they belong to me. I plan to do this, and will discuss a reasonable amount of time allowed between their printing and my sales.


Right now, they seem keen on me selling my prints concurrently because it also encourages book sales. I think we have a mutually beneficial arrangement, though I am honestly ambivalent about prints; I'm not sure if I would feel good about selling them unless I hand-coloured them or something. It just seems like an expensive photocopy to me, and really doesn't accord with my valuing of handmade, authentic art and fine craft. If I do sell printing rights to anyone else for publication, I won't do that for at least a full year from the end of this summer. It's obviously in my best interest, too, for this book to be widely distributed and successful, so I don't want to hinder any part of the process.


Oh, they also offered and then sent me half right away, with the other half to be paid at the end of the contract period. We had discussed an advance as a possibility, but I was going to get back to them about the amount. Half was fine. orngbiggrin.gif


About the contradiction in selling printing rights, but (likely) not prints, I think it has to do with authorship for me. It's not my book, but I am cooperating by providing a service that helps another person to actualise her vision. If it were my book, the whole thing would be mine, and I would be fine with printing it. Somehow this process seems to bother me when it's just my paintings/drawings. Maybe I need to get over this, or alternatively, find a way to do it that I can be proud of, rather than feel apologetic for. I have people asking for prints already. Sigh. Is this difficulty absurd? I must admit that I appreciate the affordability of prints over originals so that I can look at art that I can't pay for, like a van Gogh, or contemporary artist's work; they only make one, of course. As a further contradiction, I used to blow glass, and I loved making clay models, making plaster moulds from them, and then blowing glass into the moulds. I also cast glass into moulds and intend to try some pate de verre this summer. I also love silk screen and linocut printmaking (by hand). So, apparently it doesn't bother me when I am physically reproducing my work. I need to work this issue out.


The paper that was considering my writing has taken a drastic turn in focus and feel (new editors). I really don't like the change, and I haven't found anyone who does. You know that stereotypical city-slicker attitude that assumes that people who live rurally were just waiting for them to show up and city-fy everything? That's what's happened. :( It used to be a current, but homegrown-y feeling arts and leisure weekly paper, but now it looks and reads like an ad-zine. Boo. So ,my approach, being very much like the general natural, self-sufficiency that's prevalent here, doesn't fit in the bubble-gum, party-party, narrowly-focused and streamlined style, hip new paper. A lot of their writers have disappeared, too. :( It is sort of an end of an era for a lot of people. It may appeal the the up-and-coming city folk who come here to get work experience and tend to leave within the year. If it doesn't, and they stay the course, they may sink the whole ship.


No matter; I have enough writing to produce several books once it's all edited, so I'll put my work into that instead. I haven't received a rejection, but I can't see how I could write inline with their now very narrow style and subject matter.


Anyway, the warm months are coming, and so are the art markets, lots of happy tourists with money to spend, and our garden and livestock set-up (and major renovations to our little home, including moving it 90 feet to the left lol.gif ). :) I'm soooo ready for winter to end! I'm also wanting to do so much more from my list, but when my dp started another job, the transition from one to the other has been rough. I've had little time or energy to work at things other than basic survival stuff. Things seem to have settled now though, so I'm back to planning my time to work.

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So ,my approach, being very much like the general natural, self-sufficiency that's prevalent here, doesn't fit in the bubble-gum, party-party, narrowly-focused and streamlined style, hip new paper. 


Ah, I wish they could do a mix of both! That's what we are...part fashion-fashion, going out, stylized artsy people, and part ready to build our own little solar house, organic gardening, hopefully homeschooling, etc. It seems like publications cater to one crowd or the other, as if there cannot be overlap but there definitely is, I know we're not the only ones like that.




 I have enough writing to produce several books once it's all edited, so I'll put my work into that instead.


That is so exciting, to have so much material!




we're in MD, in upper MC and we travel to FC a few days a week (used to live there before leaving STBX).


Hi neighbor! :D We live in Baltimore County.

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Yeah, I think it was a sort of half-and-half before, but the common theme between both lifestyles is that you have to have a certain hardiness to live here, for long anyway. It's a harsh climate, and a relatively small population, so it's necessary to become, if you aren't already, resourceful and self-assured. The new style caters to the stereotype of young, rock-climbing, chronic cardio, childless, condo-dwelling couples (we have ONE very small set of condos in the whole town, maybe 20 units- I live out-of-town, like many, many people here) and "soccer moms". Those segments of this population are just so small, and frankly, up here... needy... that it's expected and known that they'll be here for a year, maximum, or two if they need to save up to leave (it's expensive to leave with stuff and difficult to travel to or from here to find other places to live). The usual situation is that people who are not going to be able to cope will spend six months trying, and six months saving up to leave, but with a family, it's obviously harder to do this.


Perhaps the new style of the paper is an attempt to convince those who would leave to stay because it's so fun and cool up here, lol. I don't know. I miss the old paper. The previous editor moved away when his daughter moved away for school, and the other person who worked with him is my friend and she needed to move on to creative pursuits of her own. She left, and then he did, and now we have two new editors and a weird paper. The previous editor loved my writing, and this one said he did too, but the paper is so different now. Suddenly.


I am totally not bitter! I hope I don't come across that way. I just wish they didn't try to fix something that wasn't broken and took ten years to gain as prominent a place in the region. I hate to see people fail after so much success, and I think this is one of those situations, unless they can get ahold of it before too much is lost. The owners of the paper have been making a tidy living and done so many neat things here. It would be sad for their creative "baby" to be lost.


Maybe this change will be really great and I'll get to see how that works out, and learn from it. Maybe they'll change back. I guess I'll see.


Adventures in unjobbing. :D So much to learn!

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This tribe caught my eye, because as I plan on unschooling my son, I've read many books on the topic. And I found that there was a very real de-jobbing (like they say new unschoolers from traditional school need a de-schooling period) time after I had my son. I had always gone to school and worked, and while I was a fairly creative person, I had been stuck in the other-directed lifestyle. After I had my son, I decided I wasn't going back to work (I'm single), and so I had to scramble. I had about four months to come up with an alternate plan, and in that time, I had to rid myself of the JOB mindset-as in: You are worthless if you don't have one,f you will be poor (horrors), money comes from jobs, etc. But there was also a great time of leisure, excessive tv-watching :), enjoying being around my family (I lived with my parents and younger brothers at the time), cooking, and of course lots and lots of nursing my new baby. And in those four months, I started to learn to think outside the box, and to really come up with what I want.


Four years later, I have my own business, a house (not a nice house! but a house), and I would consider that I'm unjobbing. I've had 2 paper routes, about 5 different nanny jobs, worked at a farm picking vegetables (while we were traveling Florida in our van), and started a toy making business. It certainly hasn't been easy or always fun, but I consider it a very rewarding way to live. We have time to live in our home and with each other, most people don't have that, and they really don't know what they are missing. Should I ever marry, I would love to have a similar thinking husband. Less work, less stuff, more fun and being together.

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Wow, Sweetpeppers, your story is inspirational! Do you presently work (for income) exclusively at toy-making?

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Yes, exclusively toys for now, but I would love to find other sources of income. I would really like to be a market gardener as well, but I don't really have the land for it. I would also like to get some farm work, I really enjoyed working at an organic farm in Florida last year. If the farmer was nicer, I would probably still be there. :)

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Sweetpeppers, hi! Your toys are adorable! I had just gotten into making wooden toys shortly before my ex-H and I separated, and my tools went with him sadly. :( I would love to try it again.



Less work, less stuff, more fun and being together.


Yes, that is awesome. Looking forward to more of your posts!

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Sweetpeppers, are you interested in square-inch gardening? Loads of plants in very little space. :) This is the method I'm using this year in our garden. It's around 20'x60', but we have seven people to feed and we want to harvest enough for the whole year. I'm also going to be doing lots of hanging planters and using the north-facing fence for climbers. I think it is also called French-intensive-gardening.

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Hi Everyone! I'm new here! I have been reading up to page 6 on this thread over the last few days and love to read everyone's ideas and progress!

I am a recent college graduate with a nursing infant- so going into the workforce does not appeal to me right now. I am currently distance training to become a doula and breastfeeding counselor which I am so excited about!!! I cannot wait to start attending births. Also, I plan on being a full spectrum doula- a doula for all aspects of reproductive health.

I am especially interested in working with teen moms (not just as a doula) but am unsure of how I could do that and make money at the same time as they do not have the resources. I know I could offer breastfeeding classes to add more income but there is a reason why I didn't go to school for teaching- I just don't feel like I could be good at it. I would really need to work on my confidence.

I was brainstorming ideas with DF the other day and we thought it would be a super cool idea to start a local service that digitalized everybody's old photo albums....

I think unjobbing would really work for my DF as he hates the whole 9-5 mentality, and likes being free. He would like to teach sailing classes and combine those with like an aquatic life learning adventure/field trip for kids. He also would love to fix about old sail boats and sell them for profit. 

I cannot think of anything else right now...I don't even know where to start. I feel like I need to take a part time job doing something so we can save up and buy enough property to start up a homestead. 


Also- neither of us are very creative. Although we would both love to take a pottery class and it would be super awesome it we loved it enough to start making our own pottery and selling them. 

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Hi guys!

I've done a little bit of reading back. I'll catch up soon.

Little bits that I did see were the 4 hour work week - that book is great!

Cooking - I've considered that as well! I love the idea of being in the kitchen all day. My sister bakes and its tough but she loves it.

Sweetpeppers - you're inspiring! I'm a single mom who wants to unschool my son when he's older like my mother did for us and I definitely am working towards setting up an etsy. I have no toy making skills but I'm very much into making things so that we can make our own way. I'll look at your site soon enough!

Zenmumajen- I was working towards a postpartum then birth doula cert. Certifying as a breastfeeding counselor has also been on the list. I've been a bit more into that side since I've started breastfeeding but all of them are kind of in the background at moment. I need to get more into the birth community here first while I work on those. That way I wont feel like such a newbie once I get going. Anyways, your post reminded me of the site fullspectrumdoulanetwork.org and how cool it is to hear from other doulas and doulas to be.


I haven't posted lately as I ended up having my son almost two weeks ago. I still have my ideas brewing and coming and going and hopefully soon I'll be able to update with some good news on the work front. At the moment nothing much is going on other than me daydreaming about how nice it will be to never leave my house again for a full time job.


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Hello! I just read the whole thread, amazing! I am an unjobber at heart. Right now DH works 40hrs/wk as a welder. He loves his job but would think of starting his own welding business later on. I don't work, I've never had a job I've loved (or been able to tolerate long) and I certainly never had one that was worth holding onto for the money! So, since we bought our fixer upper house, I stay home. I do all the housework, I've been fixing up the place and I planted a HUGE garden last summer. I wasn't sure how much to plant so I'm thrilled to say we're still eating food from it! I'll definitely plant more next year.


So I see DH as the maker of money while I'm the saver of money. I'd like to bring in some cash though. 


Preggie, I loved your list so I'm going to try and list out my skills/ideas:


  • Gardening at home-Sell produce, seedlings, seed. (I don't think I have enough space to grow veggies to sell... maybe herbs...)
  • Gardening for clients-Plant an "easy to care for" garden for others, weed gardens, plant flowers, mow lawns.
  • Gardening classes/workshops-I would especially like to help out low income families. 
  • Childcare-Babysitting, daycare, fostering (not a moneymaker but part of my life plan), after school or summer care.
  • Crafts-The web is a little over saturated with hip crafts but locally it's still a lot of older style stuff being sold. I could see a combo of Local shows, Etsy, Blogging to promote, selling on local classified sites (kijiji?) 
  • Cleaning homes-not really appealing but my SIL does it
  • Income taxes-I took an accounting course where we covered this and I do my own taxes each year and some family members but I find I'm SO SLOW! I could buy the program, that would speed things up.
  • Fruit picking-There are a lot of apple orchards, strawberry and misc farms in the area.
  • Mail delivery-This I've actually done. People who deliver mail for Canada Post aren't exactly employees, they're contract workers for the gov't. So if they want to go on vacation, they responsible for finding people to fill in. My Dad and sister work as a team to fill in for two (maybe now 3) routes. Right now they're working every other Monday, the occasional sick day and 2 wk vacations. I have helped out a couple times. All you need is to fill out paperwork and have an RCMP check. It's a tricky job though, especially when you don't do it often.
  • Seamstress-Again, I actually did this for a local company as a contract worker. It was ok.
  • Writing-I like the idea, but don't have the skills. 
  • Furniture-I love finding cheap old wood furniture and fixing it up. I've done this in our home and saved a lot of money!
  • Chickens-Selling eggs, chicks, meat. (I think we have a neighbour that sells chickens though so they could be competition. 
  • Handyperson-Painting homes (inside, I don't do scaffolding!)....
  • Metal-Sell scrap metal, not realistic for us but my Dad and BIL have both done it. 
  • English Lessons-Most people are french around here.
  • Kijiji and similar places, for Americans, Craigslist-Selling extra items we have laying around the house. 


Ways to save money (because it helps cut down on working hours!)

  • Grow our own food
  • Raising meat ourselves or with a family member
  • Have chickens for the eggs, they could eat kitchen scraps and their poo makes great fertiliser for the garden! (Trying to convince DH)
  • Install a wood stove to cut down on heating costs. We already have a pile of wood from some old trees that had to be cut down.
  • Thrift shops for some clothes, household items (within reason/sanitary/not creepy) materials to reuse when crafting/sewing, furniture.
  • And of course, cook from scratch, hang clothes to dry, we don't have cable, no cells,  I sew a lot of stuff for the house etc. 
  • DIY renovations


I can see most likely income sources as being childcare, gardening in some form, and crafts. 

I blog about our crazy life in anyone's interested. ;)

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oh I want to meet all of you!!!! I would love to meet up! But later :).. I am beginning to see so much in this tribe.. joy.gif Seriously... if anyone wants some company for an evening, and maybe you live in a crunchy lifestyle that gets by on little or you are on your way to that happening, please give me a pm! I would love to meet!


Peggie.. awesome about the book! That really speaks to me as a "go" too, for you I mean.. I like it. I want to read your suggested title too. I have been doing the same thing though with music. I seriously have pretty much brainwashed myself through my ipod by only allowing myself to listen to happy music and not like "Stand by me, where the mountains crumble and fall" but okay enough for "Pocketfull of sunshine.. sticks and stones are never going to break me." Anyway, it really helped me. I just found many more lately and having a whole splurge of feelings about them.. this one is pretty deep... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzrC72Xv6pE .. "Us" by Regina Spector. 


I love all these mama's news! Keep it coming! Sweetpeppers! Love it all!! Very similar to our story, put DH in there too, he had to take care of us at a few points (in person, not wallet) and it really made him reach in this direction as well. 


Mamas.. Talk me out of a commune? I mean would you ever crazy consider taking over a small town together? Does that sound insane? One of the webpages that brought on this stuff was also, "how to go broke on 100k" and the dude laid it down; location, office wear, lifestyle that surrounds it, interests in the city. On the flipside and more in line with our growth is the film "The Transition handbook" which talked a lot about this kind of thing, or mostly a no fee lifestyle. See... I don't really want my local crowd to support me, that may sound awful, but I am feeling like the internet would be my beauty.. hard to make sense about this, but I like giving myself away to friends and I love it when we all freely give to each other. I want to go to a pub or coffee shop (yes, and bring my kids to coffee house!) and see a local dude playing, but I also really want to host zero waste potlucks at my house and have different themes, like poetry, music, etc.. I want this to be my hang out. No charge. I want to do yoga by myself and with my kids, house church... like the meal planning (just stop at there? you could do research for someone and do the meal planning for them, but not shopping, my two cents).. I would be too cheap to pay someone to do it, unless I did it just one time, one week, just for the research. Like my friend is a massage therapist, unschooling single mother...it is hard here, but not hard for her to find work, but to do the whole balance, which means she also needs to live in an area that pays... has anyone ever thought about this change to move to (if you don't have tons of friends and family helping you out lovingly, that is for sure!).. I mean moving at some point to stop making "x" to pay "x" but make "love" to pay for "a" kind of thing? I don't know exactly what I am talking about yet. I just found these new songs too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgBeu3FVi60 "Daylight" by Matt and Kim and these guys.. omgoodness.. I want to join them!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hehPEoAk8eE"Janglin'" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


Do you guys listen to anything like this? I want more...


any thoughts about the above? Commune? Co-small towning with cool families? I mean we were looking at houses for sale and found all ranges, I want to really truly look at 30k houses.. or land.. DH can build anything, fix cars, etc. (that is actually I think I have working for our family in a unjobbing way, he can do a lot of what people pay others to do like put in electrical and fix the sink) 


Not sure if I said this before but Soulemama's blog really shocked me.. and then took me in.. kind of put the right shoe on this princess :) I was really feeling big deep sighs about the meaning of my SAHM life of a working dad with kiddos at school, soccer, etc.. then I saw her blog and I am on to something.. not sure exactly where we are landing, but I like the direction more than the other one, like 1000%. 

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lol, greenacresmama, you need to come to my small town and live next door! The house behind us is actually going to be for sale. Of course, this isn't exactly green acres. It's an old steel mill town, where the steel mills are mostly shut down. I have a very small lot, but the lot above us is empty, and there is some "wild" area behind us as well. Co-small-towning sounds awesome. What shocked you about Soulemama's blog? Maybe I should read it, but I thought is was just kind of a crafty blog, not particularly shocking.

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Greenacresmama, we did move to find a larger base population for many reasons, but the least of which was to generate income. For me, the likelihood of finding enough collectors for my art (my primary focus, though I have many close seconds) and dp's writing and music (his primary focuses) to support my family's needs, would definitely mean living in or near an enormous city, and we are not willing to do that. Instead, we moved to a major tourist area, and live 35 minutes away from the city, which only has 24,000 people (a big increase from the 200 we lived with the two years previously).


I can appreciate that you'd prefer to not make money-trades with your people. If that's not your thing, then there are certainly ways to make sure you can enjoy your neighbours the way you like, while also making trades for income/goods. Tourist towns are the answer for us. I really love it, actually, and I'm an intensely private person (would likely lose my mind in a medium to large-ish commune-setting- not for me), but people who are vacationing are generally in really good moods most of the time, genuinely curious, relaxed, willing, open to new experiences and sharing others', etc.... Last summer, we had two trekkers come to a chicken processing because they were passing by, our neighbours invited them from their truck as they drove along the highway, and they came for the day, helped out, talked about all sorts of things, ate good food with the whole group, and left with a fresh chicken each, for thanks. In town, we get to meet and talk with so many new people for months each year (and during the long, long days when the sun doesn't set and everyone exclaims in surprise, "It's eleven o'clock?! I need to have dinner!"), but the rest of the time, we enjoy the quietude of rural living near a relatively small city. 


We do live communally in a way, but not the way most would think when thinking of a commune. We live on our friends' farmland, and we are setting up our homestead here this year. Last year was spent beginning the rebuilding of our 1972 mobile-to-handmade wooden cabin home, from the ground up and having a baby, and this year will be spent finishing the renovation, setting up our garden and livestock, building a forge, and quitting the job (dp) by making lots of stuff for trade (as per my long list orngbiggrin.gif). And enjoying our babies and ourselves; that's the whole point! 


I am so ready. I've been preparing for this for my whole life.

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YES! I love it! I love both actually.. I love anything cheap Sweetpeppers, and near organic food, but I also love Soul peggie, and I think I like the tourist area thing.. because it is usually pretty. I am staying at some "Airbnb" places.. 



HEY EVERYBODY! Look on this Airbnb site man.. far out! try searching "Sunny Mod" in SF... but that is just the tip of it! Sooooo cool! Get setup and then we can come stay at your place for pay!! Hey.. I do paypal too ya know :D. Look at my blog and see how full of love I am :). 


Anyway.. I like this place.. I love the Country Living/ off the grid tribe too.. I don't have a huge chunk of time to "walk-in" there right now, but I wish I did! I would never do chickens.. I love wild birds, but I would think about bees or a bee group. I love raw food, all maple syrup (not raw I know) but "I eat beings that flower" kind of person.. Which I was all vegan, but I am not there yet. I would love to be in a tourist place that had people that loved to garden some and walk.. I did find a little town in NY, Hudson Valley. Little house on the town lake..they have a farmer's market and are building a co-op, has a highly rated library, 1 farm to table, ice cream, and a pizza place.. The county is pretty Rad.. has a Waldorf farm school. I am not sure about this exact town, but the houses are very low priced and some are in foreclosure. 


If I had my way I would make a bunch of my friends "jump" into some land with me. Hard to say what and where though.. I am a front doors/driveway private with my own home kind of place with wonder paths and shared garden areas kind of person.. I think this goes well with a small town feeling.. This place "Philmont, NY" exactly would be really neat to try to gain community there.. The town is filled with peeps like us, half way anyway, already. 

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Hi everyone. I just discovered this thread and have enjoyed reading through it. 


I came to unjobbing because I wanted to spend more time with my children. I chose to be a SAHM, then started my own home-based consulting business. Then DH and I came up with a plan to move to the country and buy a small acreage, so we wanted to get rid of our debt and save up for a downpayment. When I began to look into how to bring down our debt and budget I discovered Simple Living, and eventually I realized that the whole rat race thing was a scam (you know, the part that says what you do for a living defines how respectable you are, that making money is so important, and that of course we all want the big house in the fancy neighbourhood with the new car and designer clothes and private schools.....).


By being frugal I learned that you can be just as happy with less stuff. So that opened up possibilities. DH was not happy with his corporate job so he planned to quit but they did us a favour and laid him off. He then started working as a private contractor and has been doing very well at it, and it allows him to work from home most of the time. But still he feels he's missing out. I do most of the work on the homestead, spend tons of time with our unschooled kids, but lately he's been very busy and missing out. His big unjobbing project is starting an artisan distillery. He's already incorporated the company and we're just waiting for our license to begin distilling (luckily we can do this on our property). He's hoping that he can eventually quit his engineering job and do this full-time. 


We've had our share of lean years, when every penny counted, and the "good years" when we were earning lots of money. I get very nervous when DH starts talking about not liking his job and wanting to quit. It's hard because, on the one hand, I want for him what I have - being able to spend time with the kids and doing projects on the farm. OTOH, he brings in a good living and it's hard to give that up. 


Of course we're in Canada so the whole medical insurance thing is a non-issue. I feel really bad for families in the US, having this hanging over your heads all the time. 

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You guys are inspiring me. I am still trying to work out the WHAT to do..

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Great thread smile.gif
I found a HoUsing coop that is in the stage of buying land. There is nothing like it here in CT. I can't wait to be a part of it...and this thread is even more inspiration for me.
Thank you!!
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Grrrrrrrr, this forum does not work at my office...maybe it is my work computer saying, "No, you will NOT unjob! I will try to keep you here forever!" LOL. I came to share that I have my first screen printing job! A friend's band needs a short run of tees for a show later this month. I'm getting some business cards to have out on their merch table (pretty sure friend will be okay with this...I'm going to have his band's info on my site and blog). We're also working on designs for graphic tees. I have a few political pieces that I think would work well. I really, really like screen printing so far so I hope to get more business... AND, I ordered the Fearless Creating book that was recommended here recently, and it arrived yesterday! I cannot wait to read it...my boyfriend wants to read it too, I think he would get a lot out of it also. AND! when we move into our new apartment (upgrading to a bigger apartment any day now, thank goodness...just waiting for the leasing people to tell us when to come finish the paperwork) my boyfriend wants to start giving music lessons in the evenings! :D I'm very excited about both of these things...


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