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My 7 y/o complaining of burning...

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Several days ago I saw him stop in his tracks and a funny look crossed his face and then he went on. When I asked what was up he explained that his penis burns a couple minutes after he pees. When I questioned him lightly he said it did not burn while peeing-just a couple minutes after. When I asked him when it started, he replied preschool...which was over three years ago. So, confused, I figured, okay, maybe just separation pain. Lets see what happens.

BTW he isn't able to retract much-I can't even see the tip of his penis when he retracts. I had him try to retract-he barely knows how. He's just never been an exploratory kid. Nothing looked out of the ordinary but since his is the only intact penis I've really ever seen...

Tonight he came downstairs because he said it now burns while he pees. He retracted very slightly-again, only as far as it's gone before-and it was definitely pink where he exposed skin.

So I'm going to try to get him a Doctor appointment tomorrow to rule out UTI and whatnot. I need to know what to expect and be prepared for any nonsense that may occur. His doctor claimed she had no problems with intact-ness when he was born but he's never had any problems and I don't want to be unprepared if she's one of those that wants to circ at the first sign of trouble. (I don't think she is but you can never be too prepared.) Also, there's a chance I would end up with another doc I don't know in order to get him in. I don't really want to sit on it long since it's turning pink.
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Well the inside of the foreskin should be a very bright pink and the glans should be a reddish/purple color. Because it is an internal organ like the vagina so the color dosnt concern me. He may have a bit of a yeast infection causing some burning or just irritation from soap or not rinsing well enough in the shower.

A thread you may find helpful http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=764732
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Thanks. I just discovered and read through that post. Very helpful.

The pinkness only concerned me because it had increased a bit. I'm hoping it's just separation pain. I'm just so worried about dealing with a doctor who may or may not be knowledgable.
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The Dr. would need to do a swab of the tip of the foreskin only without pushing back on it to see what if anything grows.

I wouldnt let the Dr. touch it because he/she could really hurt your ds by trying to force things and make it worse if there is a problem.

I would have your ds show him but since he is 7 be prepared to hear that he should be retractable by now and since he isnt he should see a urologist or the Dr. just may come out and say he needs circed. Of course this isnt the case at all and I wouldnt let it scare you just roll your eyes and say I see you havnt kept up to date with the development of the intact penis.

It can take years for the foreskin to retract all the way with periods of burning from time to time in there. Personally I wouldnt go to the Dr. without seeing something indicating and infection but that is just me. I just hate dealing with foreskin ignorant Dr's we have around here.
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Considering this has been going on for 3 years, I wouldn't rush right out to the Dr.

I would look for more symptoms or a simple explanation. My first thought's are: Is he pulling back on his foreskin when he pees to improve aim? He might be pulling top hard and causing micro tears. Is he a blotter? Is he blotting to vigorously? Does he neither blot nor tap and is leaving pee sitting at the end of his foreskin and causing irritation?
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My DS had chronic irritation for a few months, and we eventually figured out that he was "putting it away" still very drippy, and was thus living constantly with slightly damp underpants.

His symptoms included redness (on the foreskin) and complaining of itching at odd moments, and burning when he peed.

Basically, even though he was out of diapers, he had a bit of diaper rash.

So it may very well be something very simple.
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So glad you mentioned that Llyra I never thought of it but it would explain things for sure.
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Thanks everyone, for the advice. I feel a lot less concerned now and when I slowed down and thought about the fact that he says it's been happening since preschool I realized maybe I don't have to be so worried. (FTR, I'm not convinced it's been happening since preschool. I'm guessing he had an instance of burning for whatever reason in preschool and is connecting the two now.)

Anyhow, he says it doesn't burn today when he pees. I've not looked at the area but I feel more comfortable holding off on the doctor visit for now.

I don't know what it is about that general area that gets me in a tizzy! I kinda get the crazed feeling that if anything goes wrong he's going to be ticked off with me later in life! LOL
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