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Is Yeast Extract the same as MSG????

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I am really frustrated becasue I just found out in the ingredients list of the
Rapunzel Vegetable Bullion Cubes that I am buying at the Whole Foods store that tends not to carry things containing unrevealed MSG that one
of the ingredients is actually Yeast Extract.

Here is the site to their list of ingredients:


I was soo happy that I discovered something that tested good and was actually healthy as I never added any flavor enchacement for the simple reason that they mostly all contain MSG. Now I am really frustrated
because it seem that my discovery was too good to be true

and furthermore I am upset that if it is really msg then this should say SO!

Can anybody help me to figure it clearly out if this is the case or not?

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I'm not sure if it's "the same," but food containing yeast extract always contains MSG, according to this website:

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Yeast extract tastes good because of the free glutamic acid. MSG tastes good because of the free glutamic acid. I stopped using nutritional yeast for similar reasons but I know not everyone thinks it's an issue.
Science wise I don't see how it can't be honestly and I was disappointed too.
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i am really sensitive to MSG and have to avoid yeast extract also. homemade stocks (and therefore homemade gravies, etc) are the only way to go. yumminess from sea salt and herbs.
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fwiw, we have found this to be vegetarian and msg free (although only the kosher vegetarian versions meet this criteria):
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dear Artichoke.. I did check your recommendation but from what I have read inbetween my original post and now I smell a rat in this product just as well.. it has a "Modified potatoe starch" any modified starch might be just a
way of sneaking in msg term really.

I found lots of info here:

and even emailed the guy who is doing this page and he helped me to crack few things in my cupboard that were indeed containing MSG under many
complicated names..

I am never going to trust any ready product ever again.. unless I am ready for hidden MSG..
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Yes, as far as I know it is essentially the same thing. MSG is hidden in many different ingredients. I never found a bullion cube that wasn't loaded with it. I've only found ONE chicken broth (pacific foods - read labels, not all of their products fit the bill) that didn't contain MSG in some form. We make bone broth every weekend now though so we're good to go.
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