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Organic Pecans! I have soooo many pecans. WWYD?

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I was gifted with a great many shelled organic pecans! I'm delighted and overwhelmed.

What would you make/do with them. I can freeze them all for a while, but would like to preserve, cook, bake and eat as many as possible. Think big.

And while yummy desserts are always welcome, main dishes would be a boon! thanks!
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Pecans make a great crust for fish, which cooks quickly enough that they don't burn.

They're also a great addition to your fave vinaigrette dressing... chop them up raw, toss them in a skillet and toast them while you whip up your vinaigrette. WHen they're nice and toasty, dump them (blazing hot) into your vinaigrette. Instant pecan vinaigrette.

You can also use them in dishes like pesto instead of pine nuts. In place of walnuts in almost any recipe. Or you can just roast them/spice them/glaze them and eat them by the handful.
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Ah, I love pecans! My parents have a tree, and I seriously heart that tree! I'm not sure if you know, but the trees are every other year producers--every other year is a big year, then the in between years are very small years. So, when they have a big year, they prepare to keep them for 2 years. I don't know if that is the case for you or not, but I thought I'd throw it out there. They keep really well for up to 2 years in the freezer.

But, that aside...

Pecans are almost the only nuts I use. Toasted, for a snack. In salads (I especially love spinach, strawberry, red onion, pecans in the spring). In all manner of baked goods. In pralines at the holidays (my biggest favorite of all!!). As a pp said, as a crust for chicken or fish.

Enjoy!! What a fabulous treat!
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I would have to make a few pecan pies, some sugar coated toasted ones to freeze and eat, and pecan bread. All things for freezer. You are very lucky! i often think if people are going to plant things like trees, they should have to plant food bearing trees like pecan trees. Urban harvesting...
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I didn't know that about pecan trees being every 2 years....Interesting.

My mom has lots of trees and someone we bought guineas from has a big tree and they said they had no one to give nuts to. Um, yes you do, dude!

I love, love, love candied pecans. Just sugar, orange juice, cinnamon and salt. MMMM.
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I throw toasted pecans into most salads! They have such great flavor and add something really special, espically to my citrus dressing. Mmmmmmmmm!
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I put pecans in my granola
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My SIL makes a fabulous salad with toasted/sugared pecans, pear, goat cheese, and white balsamic vinaigrette tossed with mixed greens (like a
mesclun blend). I think she puts dried cranberries in too (cherries would also be good) and sometimes red onion. Yum!
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Pear and pecan salad with blue cheese or feta and a bit of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Yummy!
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of all the nuts, i think roasted/toasted pecans are absolutely the best in pesto. do you have a way to grow/gather basil? you can make a ton of pesto and freeze that.. it's like summer all year long.
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