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DS isn't an easy kid, ever since he was 18 months old, he has been a nonstop bundle of energy. He didn't talk much until he was almost three and at eight year old, he NEVER shuts up. He's got SPD, ADHD, and his feelings so easily hurt. He's incredibly smart and can give you a comparative analysis of how dragons and lizards are alike at 6am. And the temper when he was small......

I love the kid, I like him too. We home school and 90% of the time I love it. However, I can what a struggle DH as connecting with him. It is not about love, DH would die for him. It is the day to day struggling of dealing with kid that is so much like him.

DH tried so hard and so did DS. DH has several nieces and nephews we are very involved with, they spend breaks and summers with us. One day DS asked DH, "Do you wish I was more like my cousin Joe? Would you like me more?" It was a real blow to DH, he had no idea DS thought he didn't like him.

DH went see DS' therapist to help him deal with his own issues about his childhood and parents. He and DS take martial arts class together. It is something they do alone without me. DH has started taking DS hiking with our dogs when I am working. He's realized part of the problem was he knew ho to relate to babies and toddlers and teenagers, but not with the ages in between.
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BTDT with my oldest, DD12. I love her with all my heart, I am SO proud of her, I think she's the smartest, most gorgeous kid ever. I would lay down my life for her... But we don't like each other very much. She loves me, I love her, but we just don't get along very well. It's hard. And complicated.

Subbing for now, will post more later.
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