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monistat during pregnancy?

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I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant, and I've been using monistat for a yeast infection for the past 3 days. I tried treating it naturally, but nothing worked.

I have a terminally ill son, and I am terrified that the drug or the yeast infection will cause problems with the baby - something subtle with brain development or something that they haven't discovered yet, although the obgyn swears it's safe.

Would love to hear of any stories of people who used monistat during pregnancy and have normal, healthy children?

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My mom had a yeast infection her entire pregnancy with my brother. The doctor told her to use monistat every day to help relieve the symptoms. She did and swears it was the only thing that made it bareable. Anyway my brother is 25 now and perfectly normal will no issues from it.
I have also had to use one cycle of it with my current pregnancy. I hate the idea too but I needed it gone. Of course it has come back. My midwife says that it might be from being deficent in zinc so I am trying that.
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I know it's not perfect, but garlic doesn't always work, so I used monistat when I was pg with both #3 and #4 after failing to treat naturally. They are perfectly fine.
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I used it with this pregnancy and my previous pregnancy. Both times it just became too unbearable. Nothing else was working.

My 2 year old is a typical, off the wall, healthy toddler.

I used the 3 day treatment. Things were better by day 2. The relief was soooo nice.

They have a 7 day treatment that they call "gentle" but I think it just means that it's not such a large dose as the 3 days and the 1 day product.
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If you are wanting to go the natural route, Boric Acid capsules insterted vaginally, 1 for 7 days works wonders. You can usally purchase this at a health food store or from your local naturopath. I have used these may times including pregnancy and it is 100% safe and completely effective!

Remember that what you eat and how you wash down there contributes to yeast overgrowth. Try to avoid concentrated fruit juices, dried fruit, refined flours or grains, sugar of anykind. Instead of washing with soap, use organic apple cider vinegar diluted in water instead, this will help maintain a good ph level. Washing with organic whole fat yougurt works well also. Wear only cotton underwear.

One note about the garlic clove, make sure it is is not knicked or it can burn your vagina.

Boric acid leaves no odor and does not burn.
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Thanks, everyone.

I thought you couldn't use boric acid during pregnancy?

On day 5 of the monistat, and it's helping, but I don't think it's totally gone. I'm very tired of this!
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I had a yeast infection this past week, and my midwives suggested boric acid capsules. I happened to have Monistat in the cupboard, so I didn't try the boric acid, but I will if the YI recurs. They also suggested coconut oil externally and orally.
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Hi MelindaGayle- Yes you can use it during pregnancy! I have used it and I know many other women who have used it successfully during pregnancy. I first learned about it from my naturopath who prescribed it for me during the last trimester of my lst pregnancy.

Aviva Romm also recommends it in her new book Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, 2010.
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Thanks again, everyone.
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