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ouch! bebe pinches my boob

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My dd has developed the habit of pinching my breast while nursing, sometimes painfully. I have tried holding her hand or giving her a toy, but she detaches and cries, so of course I let her pinch. She has also developed the habit of trying to stand while nursing if we are lying down. She is 9 months old and she started this behavior in the last month.
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Moved to the general Breastfeeding Forum since this is a commen problem.

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What about trying a nursing necklace? Besides just telling her over and over and moving her little hands I haven't been through that so don't have any great advise. Sorry
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I just came on here to ask the same question, baby is 8 months. The pinching is driving me FRIGGIN CRAZY. It hurts and the is almost obsessed with it. I do not let her do it. I try holding her hand, putting a hand towel there, say "no pinch".... but nothing seems to help.
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personally, i put up with the pinching. the biting though is another matter. i'm on my second nursling. the only "cure" i've found for these problems is to look 'em straight in the eye, and tell them calmly and stronly "no pinching" or "no biting" or whatever, and then take them off. wait a very short time, like maybe a half minute, then try again, usually switch to the other side, just to reinforce that they hurt you on the one side, say to them, "ok, we will try again, remember, no pinching" or "no biting" again.

i tell ya, they are little at 8 or 9 months, but they understand way more than they let on. the get it. what i described above, it works for me.
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My DD is 7mo. She was pinching horribly about a month ago, just seeing your post reminded me that she isn't doing it anymore

I would hold her hands, and when she protested I think I would just stop nursing. Really tough for awhile because I like my free hands. I am always nak.
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My dd has been doing this, only it's not a full on two finger pinch, it's a whole hand grabby pinch. She'll be 4 months next week. Is this too young to try pulling her off for a minute or two? I've been just removing her hand or holding it but then she usually breaks the latch and often won't go for it again, or starts starting and stopping quickly (which may just be teething pain, but is still frustrating cause I don't know what to do about it). If I try to hold her on she cries. It's really upsetting so I'll let her stop eating but then I worry that she's not getting enough.
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If you figure it out I'd love to know the answer. My bub is nearly one and has become quite rough about feeding - whole hand grabs and little pincer pinches right on the nipple. He seems obsessed - if he's latched on one side he's mauling the other. At about 6 months he cut 7 teeth at once and would bite a lot and calmly (or as calmly as possible) taking him off for a bit each time he did it did work. But with pinching it doesn't seem to. I'm actually starting to resent feedings a little bit but don't want to wean till he is 2. I was wondering today about a nursing necklace, we tried it once before and I just ended up being bashed with beads, we'll see I spose.
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