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Thinner fabric alternative to a Moby?

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I LOVE my Moby, but it's hot...really hot. Now that we're getting into the hot time of the year, I need something cooler. I've looked into cotton gauze wraps like Wombfruit, but I want something that is stretchy like a Moby, just thinner.

Any suggestions, especially for WAHMs?
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i really love cotton gauze! but if you want stretch you will have to go synthetic...i would just go to the fabric store and feel around.
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Gypsy Mama/ Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch (BBS) wraps are a little less stretchy than the Moby and much thinner, you could look into one of those
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Another option is to look for a bamboo blend. They are usually super soft and light weight. The only thing I would be worried about is a stretch wrap not being supportive enough once your baby is bigger. But if your little one is still small and doesn't weigh a ton like my chunkers did, then it's probably worth it.
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I second the recommendation for a Gypsy Mama - Wrapsody Bali Stretch wrap. They are all cotton jersey knit but are very supportive and not at all as stretchy as a Moby or Sleepy. Also, much thinner and cooler.

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I third the Gypsy Mama Bali Stretch - my dd is 18 months and 23lbs and I still wear her like a newborn in it.  I also know people that can wrap their 4 year olds in it for short periods of time.  :)  If you want a really stretchy but super thin wrap Sugar Sweet Baby Bamboo wraps are wonderful for summer newborns but you'll probably need a new wrap by fall or winter.

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I really like the Gypsy Mama Bali Stretch, but for hot weather, I love the Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze. It's gauzy and still has stretch. It's also supportive enough for back carries and big babies. I wore my DD in it yesterday and she is 23 pounds.
Love all the Gypsy Mama colors! smile.gif
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The breeze is fabulous too! smile.gif
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