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pacifier damaging teeth?

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My daughter became super addicted to her pacifier after she got an ear infection. She used to just need it at night but seem to need it 24/7 now. I notice her front upper teeth seem to be pushed forward... is this from the pacifier. Does anyone have suggestions on how to wean her off- I've heard tobassco sauce (which seems unhealthy on the stomach) and cutting the pacifier so she can't suction as well.
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My daughter uses a pacifier. We plan to take it away in the fall, shortly before she turns 2. I don't have any concerns about her teeth.

My older brother used a pacified until he was two. He has PERFECT teeth, not even one is even slightly crooked. Hate him

I did not use a pacifier. I sucked my fingers, for far too long. I mean really really way too long.

I had some sort of orthodontic piece and/or braces in my mouth for almost four years before I got my nice teeth.

And I know people who did none of the above who had nice straight teeth and some who have very crooked teeth.

I don't think you need to worry.
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yes long term and frequent paciifer use can damage the bite. Open bite ( where the front teeth dont touch) is the most common issue.
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relatives always cut a little hole (or maybe big one) in end of pacifier and say "all broken" when weaning from it.. they no longer wanted it after that but the kid could see it was broken and could try using it for a day or so but I guess it worked for them and they were much older like age 2 or 3.. Mine was never attached to anything but the boob so I didnt have that problem
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My son has been very attached to his binky since 8 weeks. It is a newborn one, not the orthodontic kind. It has brought his 4 top front teeth forward and created a gap in his bite. Our dentist told us it isn't a huge deal until 2.5/3 when the adult tooth buds start forming in the gums. Which is why we're in the process of weaning him off of it. He uses it now only for nap and bedtime.
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