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Pregnancy Tea!!

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Who's drinking it? What's in yours? Thoughts? Ohh... do you like it?
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I'm not drinking it yet. I need to order some herbs to start!
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I have not been drinking my tea these days.. I need to buy/pick some fresh herbs.. the ones I have are getting old and have been cramed into a drawer with all sorts of cooking spices for a few months.. not a great combo.

generally I put in some combo of these herbs..
Red raspberry leaf, Nettle, Oat straw, Alfalfa, Red Clover...

I actually really love the taste of iced RRL tea with a squeeze of lemon in it and lots of ice.

Nettle tea is not my most favorite but i know its good for me and baby..
I prefer my nettles cooked into food though

when i get move into my new house i plan to restock all of my herbs and make a herb cupboard, so i will def. begin drinking my pregnancy religiously again.
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I'm drinking mine iced. This is the first pregnancy that I have drank pregnancy tea. I added rrl, nettles, dandelion root, lemon balm, oatstraw and spearmint. It tastes very yummy... I was quite surprised to be honest.
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I'm drinking the tea from Aviva Jill Romm's "The Natural Pregnancy" I like it better iced than hot, but I drink it both ways (You wouldn't think I'd still need warm tea of an afternoon in June, but it was only 60* F today).

It has nettles, red clover, RRL, alfalfa, oat straw, rose hips, spearmint...I can copy over the "recipe" if anyone is interested. I'm doing 1/3c of mixed herbs per quart of water steeped overnight, mostly because my herbs are getting old. I bought them right before my m/c last fall.
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Mmmm sounds good! Last pg I used nettles, rosehips, alfalfa, oatstraw and RRL. I loved it and drank it iced (made big batches).
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I faithfully downed tons of RRL tea last time, and by the end I was sick of it. I've been slowly starting in again, but the flavor straight is not agreeing with me, so I've been adding in dried fruit teas to improve the taste. Still haven't tried it iced, it's been to cold here to want iced tea!
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Originally Posted by karen1968 View Post
It has nettles, red clover, RRL, alfalfa, oat straw, rose hips, spearmint
Aviva's recipe is one I've used for years. It is so yummy. I up the rrl and spearmint, but make everything else according to her recipe. I make a big gallon jar of it at the beginning of the week and keep it in the fridge. Sometimes I mix it with juice (pomegranate is my fav), sometimes not.
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I'm planning on getting some pregnancy tea and RRL tea from trad med probably. I did lots of RRL (switched to capsules after awhile b/c it was hard to drink tea several times a day while teaching, no place to brew or keep it) and I think it really helped me have an easy first birth. I was just waiting a bit until I was well into my 2nd tri since I've had a history of bleeding and didn't want to scare myself with anything

I like the taste of both kinds of tea, but very hot and iced are good... not tepid, which is why I stopped drinking for a while at work last time.
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I've been drinking pregnancy tea from around wk 10 with this pregnancy.
I don't mix my own, I've been using Peaceful Mama by earthmamaangelbaby, and lots of RRL straight. I'm thinking of getting the one for heartburn, because thats starting up already.
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This is my third pregnancy but I'm a pregnancy tea virgin. Can anyone point me to some resources about what to drink and what the benefits are? Also we grow red raspberries; can I just steep my own fresh leaves, or is there any reason why that's not a good idea?
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If you have your own red raspberry bushes you can certainly harvest and steep your own. The herbalist Susun Weed has info on this.

The magazine, The Compleat Mother, has great info on the benefits of RRL tea. Unfortunately, there have only been a few randomized, controlled studies using RRL in pregnancy, but the studies that are out there show that it does have benefit as a uterine toner.
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I drink premade red raspberry leaf tea and love it! I started drinking it last pregnancy and never stopped. I just drink it plain, and love the taste.
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Every time I see this thread, my brain initially reads it as Pregnancy Test!!!!, and I think that it seems a little late in the game for that

(Not drinking any particular tea at the moment)
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Ive been drinking it for over a month now. I have bought two kinds (both in tea bags)- Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf (its RRL) and the Yogi brand Mama to be or maybe its called Pregnancy I cant remember now.
What in it-Im way too lazy to go double check

I wanted to get loose RR leaves but my across the street go to spot was all out so Im going to get them next time.

Oh yea, and I do like it. I love tea in general and never drink RRL outside of pregnancy so I am not tired of the taste and enjoy it.
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I have some RRL loose leaf tea, and some nettles. I haven't been drinking any for a couple weeks. Thanks for the reminder to start up again. It will definitely be nice to have some iced RRL tea during the summer. So far, I've just been drinking it hot.
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I am not a tea drinker, despite my sister and DH being tea connoisseurs. I drank a lot of RRL tea my 2nd pregnancy (first homebirth and beginning of our natural journey), and could barely tolerate it last time.

I have a friend who made up some of Aviva Jill Romm's pregnancy tea and gave me some. I need to brew it and try it. I just have no love for tea so it's not exactly enticing to me.

I always did feel a lot of BH ctxs after drinking RRL tea, so I'm certain it was working at toning. And, I suppose the truth is I've not had long pushing phases with either of my HBACs.
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RRL, nettles, sometimes green tea if I need some gentle caffine, and agave. What is Aviva's recipe? Is she an herbalist? I must look into her, herbs are something I'm trying to learn more about. . .
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I drank it faithfully with my last pregnancy. I need to start again. Is there a cheap online source?
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Originally Posted by waldorfknitmama View Post
RRL, nettles, sometimes green tea if I need some gentle caffine, and agave. What is Aviva's recipe? Is she an herbalist? I must look into her, herbs are something I'm trying to learn more about. . .
Aviva Jill Romm is an herbalist and midwife. She has several birth and natural health-related books. Her book, the Natural Pregnancy Book is one I keep on my coffee table when I'm pregnant because its such a great reference. The Nourishment tea recipe is the one Karen and I both referenced.
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