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Santa Fe area spinner??

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I have a bunch of alpaca that i would love to pay someone to spin and do whatever else needs to be done to it to make it into yarn for me to knit with. I don't need anyone to dye it.

Does anyone know of someone who would want to or can do this? I am willing to drive a bit. Maybe an hour or so in any direction.
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i am in abq, and i am not a spinner yet, but i am taking a spinning class at a place in abq called village wools. they might be able to direct you to someone.

website: http://www.villagewools.com/

maybe you could call them and see?
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outside santa fe, by la cienega, there is a living history museum called rancho los golandrinas. there are a LOT of spinners there that mostly volunteer and demonstrate their skills. actually, right now there is an exhibition going on about the weaving / embroidery etc in new mexcio, so there s even MORE of them there. i think next week they are gonna have a special event about weaving called dancing with wools , you can probably get in touch with a number of spinners over there by just going there or even calling them
good luck
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