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Anyone know where to buy a good plastic type (maybe soft body) doll that does not make noise or pee, poo, barf or fart?

Our daughter goes NUTS when she sees a doll but I can't find an old fashioned type high quality one.
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We got ours at Target. Soft plastic head and hands and feet, cloth body. The one-piece outfit comes off.
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I like Corolle dolls for my kids, and have gotten them either used off ebay or you can order them new from amazon.com.
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I love the American Girl baby doll. Yes, it is expensive. It is, however, a quality toy that last for years and years.
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My son has two Lots To Love Dolls by berenguer
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If you have a Toys R Us you should be able to find a high quality but not too expensive one. My dd has had a few five dollar dolls for years and they are also made well enough to last. She also has a small American Girl Doll but I don't like paying a lot of money for toys made in China so she only has the one. The quality isn't any different from that of her five dollar ones also made in China, they have all been good quality and sturdy enough to last.
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For that type of doll, I like Corrolle. We have a 20 inch Corrolle doll that can wear baby clothes. We got it for DD when I was pregnant with DS and liked that it was the size of a real baby. Our neighbors have this smaller one for their two boys, and they both love it.

If you really want high quality, I think Kathe Kruse dolls are beautiful.
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my son has an Anerican girls baby that used to be one of his aunts. That has seen it all and survived! I love that they hold up and have so many ethnicity options.
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We have a Corolle doll. My son loves it!
I got him this one. He even breastfeeds it! hehe
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We have a Gotz doll. She's great but I do not care for the copious amount of hair she has.
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Ds has this doll. We really like it and so does he. It is all hard, but he wanted to be able to get it wet, so that made more sense to us. I also like that his has an uncircumsized penis. And that it doesn't just come in a blonde girl doll, yk?
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I also recommend Corolle dolls. DD2 loves hers.
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My dd has a Corolle Mon Premiere Calin doll. She loves it, and it has held up very well.
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I love that they make anatomically correct dolls! When my kids were little they were always very concerned as to why the dolls had no genitals.
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My DD has 4 of the disney princess baby dolls. They are easy to clean, very soft and we've gotten some second hand doll clothes for them. I know a lot of people don't like disney stuff, but they're really just dolls with different colored eyes and hair. Here are some pics http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=3532886 , http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=3532885 , http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=3532858 . The hair is very soft and is holding up really well. The dolls went on sale half price last holiday season. And they are the perfect size for a 4 year old's arms. I can't find pictures but there are brunette and redhead babies too.
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The Corolle dolls are amazing. My kids have minis and they have seen it all. One left hers in the kiddie pool while we went on vacation. wehn we got home it was green and slimy. I hug it on the clothes line for a month. When I finally got around to addressing it it was was clean, still smelled like vanilla (they are vanilla scented!!) and her hair was still perfect (we have ones with long hair for styling). But the soft body ones can bre thrown into the washer. We also had some clothes that sat in a bag midewing. once again just tossed them in the wash with everything else and they came out perfect. everything they make is machine washable and it comes out perfect. Worth every penny.

For their big dolls they have Bitty Babies from American girl. They are really nice dolls. I don't know if they are any higher quality than any other comparable doll. But my kids love them and value them and because of that take very good care of them. and they have a fantastic warrenty. (if you get the ones with hair this is important because their hair is garunteed to always be nice and they will replace it for free if it gets snarly).

Ava also has a baby chou chou which was cheap but it makes noise. I am pretty sure however that they make ones that do not. She has loved this doll and it has held up well.
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corolle here-calin & tidoo. tidoo can go in tubby but i haven't told dd1 that yet.

we also have a set of twin fisher price babies-boy & girl...

dd loves them all & they get a lot of play in our house.

I believe that any corolle dolls that say they are for 2 & under (or maybe it's 18 mos & under) are also BPA/Phthalate/PVC free.
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Originally Posted by jillmamma View Post
I like Corolle dolls for my kids, and have gotten them either used off ebay or you can order them new from amazon.com.
I like the Corolle dolls too. They are so soft and sweet.
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In addition to our many Corelle dolls, We also have a few Madame Alexander baby dolls - the Huggums variety. They have a very "classic" face and my DD adores hers.
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