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Height-Age limit

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If someone could help me real quick I would be most appreciative!

A friend just told me her 6 nearly 7 year old is in a marathon. I now they go to 65lbs but my gut says that she would be outgrown by height by now. She's about 45-47 inches and not sure about her torso. What is the average age that children outgrow the marathon? I'll check her head when I see them I was just hoping someone could give me the basics.

Thanks so much!
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I would bet it's outgrown as well, but I do know one 6 yr old who still fits in one.

If the shoulders are above the strap slots, it's outgrown. If the tops of the ears are above the shell, it's outgrown.

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I would bet money that a 47" child has outgrown the Marathon. They are usually outgrown by around 42"-45".
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My not-even-5.5yo just outgrew her Marathon, and she seems to be of average height. She is 44".
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it is actually completely possible for a 45-47 inch tall, small almost 7 yo to still fit in a marathon. While some ginormous 3-4 yo outgrow it, most kids get to 5-6 in a marathon, and some tiny kids get to 7-8.
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My dd outgrew her marathon at about 46-47" and she's got a very long torso.
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Was wondering the same, DD had a growth spurt and is 47 inches now and I think she has really outgrown it finally. She is 6.5.
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