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Every other day energy

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Is anyone else on an every other day energy burst schedule? Since last Sunday (as far back as I can remember for sure) I have had energy every other day. Sunday I swept and mopped and that about killed me! Then Monday I grocery shopped and put away a lot of freezer food, took all day. Then Tuesday I had to recover...Wednesday-energy to get stuff done, Thursday-did nothing but rest on the couch, ect.

Is anyone else experiencing a pattern like this? I'm trying to stay rested and feeling good since I'm 37+5 today and could go into labor any time now. Every other day, I don't think I would have the energy to through it!

Plus, I still need to figure out how to use the carseat and install it, and pack a hospital bag. There is more on the to-do list, but those seem to be the musts. Even on the days with energy I try to stay relaxed and not wear myself out.
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I was exactly like that the last 2 wks of my pregnancy. Take it easy, eat and drink lots! Good luck!
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I'm 36+5 and on the same schedule! One day I am so tired I think that if I wasn't sooo pregnant I would think something was wrong with me. The next day I can't believe how good I feel. One day I think I can't have this baby, I have no energy to birth this baby. The next day I find myself thinking, I feel awesome, I could easily be pregnant for a few more weeks and still feel great!

Today, I am tired. SO tired that even writing this wore me out. I am not even going to proof read it! Here's to looking forward to tomorrows energy!
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This sounds just like me. Today I'm 38 weeks and had a huge burst of nesting. I woke up at 5am thinking about everything I needed to do because I know this baby is coming anytime now. It's 5pm now, and I've finished EVERYTHING on my to do list. I had one last shopping trip to make, Our son is flying to California next week to stay with my sister for two weeks and I had to get a few things for that. I just about gave up halfway through the Walmart parking lot though. This baby feels like she is using a crowbar to pry apart my pelvic bones, every step is so painful!
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I'm 39 weeks, 2 days and I have been the same way for about a week. One day, I get so much done and feel pretty good and then the next day, I am dying and feel like all I want to do it lie on the couch. I am very, very ready for this little one to arrive!
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Yep, for quite awhile now. Although the past few days I'm feeling a bit more frantic, so I've been forcing myself to work on the days I don't feel up to it. Just with more breaks.
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Well, I'm glad to hear I'm in good company. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong every other day. I did manage to get the crib sheet ect. on today and read part way through the carseat manual before I decided I wasn't going to actually install the seat until I'm in early labor. We are right in the middle of wheat harvest right now, so sometimes I have to help move people from field to field. I don't want the carseat full of wheat seed!

Looking forward to tomorrow's energy, I hope!
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That's about how I feel, too. Just the end of pregnancy for me.

I'm getting anxious to meet my sweet baby!
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Me too!

Every other day! Totally! One day I tried to readjust the straps on the infant seat and just lost it after like 2 minutes and had to call my husband upstairs to help me get up off the floor. The next day I figured it out in like 30 seconds. WTF?

Today was an "exhausted" day - hoping tomorrow will be good - planning on sewing slipcovers for the glider!
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