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Infant tremors

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Hi all,

My youngest baby is 3mo and I have notice some strange form of tremors in him. It has happened about 3 or 4 times. The first time I noticed was when he was on my lap. He was in a sort of "sitting position" and then his little body started trembling in a Parkinson type of fashion, if you can understand. I moved his position and it stopped. Next time around was with my friend holding him in the same position and the same happened. Then my husband was holding him while standing up and he was also trembling. He is exclusively breast fed, healthy all around, but this is bothering me some. I have a pediatrician appointment coming soon. He had a chiro adjustment and I mentioned the tremors but the doctor could not say much about it.

Anyone here with similar experience? Can anyone here point me in some direction?


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He could be going pee. My oldest used to have similar tremors, kind of shuddering, and I was really concerned. Turned out she would do it right before/during a pee. It's not that uncommon and kids outgrow it. It can't hurt to get him checked out, but I would check his diaper after a tremor and see if he's just peed. Not all kids pee when they shudder/tremor, but many do. Here's a link to other parents asking about/answering about a similar question.

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Is he vaxxed?
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