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What carseat?!?!?!? I need help!

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dd can get out of her Century Accel 5 point harness car seat!

I think the seat must be faulty because she can pull the straps loose enough to get her arms out (they are very snug when she is fastened in)

so I want to get rid of this thing quickly and I DON"T want another one.

So, what do I get???

Let me know what you like, why, how much $$$, and where to buy!

Love ya mamas!

Oh, and she is about 30lbs and 32 inches...
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I don't know, I think they're all like that.

I did talk to dd when she tried being the escape artist (at 14 months). I told her that it's dangerous to climb out and mommy didn't want her to get hurt. I would pull over and gently prompt her back into the seat - I also used bribery - Not my favorite way, but when it comes to safety, it worked!

I had a Centry too, and an Evenflow, she could get out of both seats

It may take some time and patience, but, I think you'll get through it!
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What about the carseat that has the shield you down over them,kwim?
I have one thats a century and my mom has one in her car thats an eddie bauer. Mine was about 50.00
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You need to call the Century and complain NOW!! Those straps should not be coming loose at all. I personally do not like any cosco products and those include eddie bauer and I think safety first. I've had nothing but trouble from the cosco seats I've had. All of them have ended up dismantled and in the trash. Also they have been heavily fined for not reporting problems and forcing the government to make them do recalls.

Anyway.... You may want to look into a booster seat. Most of them you can start using at 30 lbs, but I'm not sure on the height. If you want something really expensive look at the britax super elite seat. It goes for about $200 and has the 5 point harness up to 80 lbs. It is the only seat you can use the harness over 40 lbs. Most century and even flo seats are between $50 - $120. You can look at consumer reports on car seats for free online. Sheild seats aren't as safe as 5 point harness seats especially for small children. You will have to teach her to seat in her seat, it can become huge problem.

mom of 3 boys
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Get a new buckle for her chest strap.
Do you have one that latches or that you slide the strap in
This ones stops our kids from sliding thier arms out.
I agree that if the straps are really losening that is seriousreplacement tie
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I just bought a Britax Advantage... I really like it a lot. It seems very secure and easy to adjust for the best fit... It does run about $230-250 depending where you buy it. But, Britax is meant to be the "best", safest, etc...
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LaLa, We just got a new booster/carseat for Christian at ToysRUs and I love it -- so does Christian. It is a Century, and it used to be called the Cherished CarGo, but they changed the name. I like it because it has a harness clip that is tougher for little fingers to undo, and the latch plate has a double latch, meaning that I have to press on both sides of the release button or I only get one of the straps released. It took me a while to realize why Christian kept saying that he was still locked it. It also has wide sides so he can sleep when we travel. It has a low belt path so when he goes into the seat belt it will be low enough across his legs. We paid about $59.00 for it. It is also adjustable which is great in this climate. The adjustment is on the straps rather than on the front so you don't keep pulling the seat loose to tighten it.

If you don't like that, you could always try to find a T-shield carseat. They are tough to find nowadays, but we love ours. The button is on the front so Jonah can't reach it.
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Another Britax Fan Here!

We LOVE our Britax Roundabout! It was definitely pricey ($200), but super safe (though your past this stage, I think its the only car seat with the rear facing tether), and SUPER comfortable, which was really my main reason for splurging on it (that, and that it matched my car interior! LOL!). After reading the Consumer Reports reviews of car seats last year (I think you can access that through their web site), it seemed like MOST of the car seats had very comparable safety records. So it really came down to comfort, style and ease of use for us. Since I figured DS would spend quite a bit of time in the seat, I wanted it to be comfy...cozy....and easy for me to manipulate. The Britax has been that for us.

With the next babe, my plan is to use the Britax right from the beginning, instead of messing with the infant/ carrier thing. I figure DS will be in a booster by then, so the timing will be perfect.
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I did it! I bought the Britax roundabout!
It was $200 with shipping for the nicer fabric. The plasticy fabric one was about $30 cheaper, but I couldn't bring myself to buy that when dd could have velour!

Now I am doing the happy dance because I can PITCH that dumb Accel soon! That car seat has caused me too much stress!

When do children get switched to booster seats? What age/weight?

Dd number one will be about 2 and a half when dd number one is born. If we use an infant carrier for 6 months, then dd number 1 will be three and I'm wondering if I will be able to get her a bouster and use this for dd 2 when she/he grows out of the infant seat!

I guess I have plenty of time to worry about that later!
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I got a nifty booster tip the other day, one I hadn;t seen before (thinkit was over at amity's) the Britax laptop. Check it out! It look little but I saw a picture of a kid in itand it come up pretty high on the chest, almost under the arms.
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LaLa, I talked to the police officers in IC just a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with the booster we bought for Christian less than a year ago. He had grown too tall and his shoulders were above the straps (it only had two heights for the strap adjustment) so I had him in it using the car seatbelt -- he weighs 35 pounds Cosco (the carseat maker) told me that once he was 30 pounds I could use the car seatbelt. I wasn't quite comfortable with how the seat routed the lap portion of the belt. It seemed to go way to high on his stomach. The whole point of the booster is to raise them up and make the lap belt go across their thighs, and not their stomach which is dangerous.

I just happened to run into the three officers who are certified car seat techs when I got to the bfing meeting one friday morning a few weeks ago. Before I got C out of the car I had them come and look at how he was sitting in the seat. They told me that until they are *40 pounds* they need to be in the five point harness no matter what the carseat manufacturer says. They also told me that the way the belt path was designed on that car seat was terrible and I should stop using it altogether since he was too tall for it (he is only in the 45% for height as of his three year check last year, so he is by no means tall) but he is only 35 pounds so can't use it with the car seat belts.

I just thought you could use the info.

BTW, anyone looking to buy a five point/booster combo -- DO NOT buy the Cosco brand. They are designed very poorly. I'm now trying to figure out what to do with the booster we used for less than a year, that we figured C would use until he was big/old enough to sit in the car with the belts.
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take her with you next time

maybe you should take her with you to buy one.

and #1. see if she can escape.

and #2. if she can get out of all of them, then maybe you can teach her NOT to do it. some sort of punishment/reward type thing?

gooooood luck! that is amazing!
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I just found out today that my ds is too tall for his carseat (I hunted all over the web for that info, who would have thought to look on the seat for it! ) anyway, he is 26.5 inches long and the evenflo infant carrier is only designed up to 26 inches. The real problem here is he only weights 13 lbs and is 5 months away from being turned around. I was looking at an Alpha Omega seat because it can be used rear facing and then foward and then as a booster. I had a friend tell me that it doesn't have much padding and the straps seem to twist easily but I can't find anything else that will do all three. I don't want to buy anymore carseats, after this one but I think our state is one that requires boosters after the age of four. I also don't want to spend a fortune. I hadn't figured on buying another seat for at least a few more months (since he is so skinny, I figured we had plenty of time) so I do't have much money saved to buy one. I won't, however, compromise his safety just because I don't have much money. Do you ladies have any suggestions for a seat that will serve all three purposes, won't break the bank and is safe? I know that is a lot to ask but you have all the answers for everything else, I assume somebody will have the answer for this! Thanks for your help
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yes yes yes, listen to the police officers! I'm a pediatric RN, and booster seats can only be safely used in children OVER 40 pounds. PLEASE use a booster seat with your children until they are either 8 years old or 80 lbs ("8 or 80"). Seat belts are manufactured to fit a 150 lb. man, not your little 50 lb sweetie. Keep 'em safe, and buckle them up (even if your friends tell you you're being ridiculous).

Beginning at age five, car accidents are the leading cause of child death in US. Why? B/c we parents think that once our kids are out of a forward-facing car seat, they can just go in a regular seat belt. Wrong. Sometimes deadly wrong....

As you can tell, this is a topic I feel strongly about!
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I'm so glad you got the Britax! I'm relieved. I'm new here, so I mostly lurk, but I know about car seats. Anyway, some boosters are toddler seats from 20-40lbs.(5-point harness) and then up to 80lbs.(regular seat belt) The Britax Super Elite (which is their 5-point harness booster up to 80 lbs.) demand was so high that they didn't make enough, so they have not been around for a while.
I check their website every couple of weeks because I'm getting one. My sister bought an Evenflo Apollo booster and it's O.K., but nothing compared to a Britax.
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Love Britax!

Our daughter was in a Britax Roundabout in our family car for 3 years when she got booted "up" into a booster because of the new baby.
It is inescapable and securely made: tether-straps before they were the norm, foam lining like bike helmets, very well-made hardware.
We were also able to keep her rear-facing (safest) until she was 2 and her legs were too long.

My husband has a second Roundabout in his car for her and she still fits quite well. She'll be 4 this Summer but hasn't hit 40 lbs. (the limit) yet.

If my son only stays in our first Roundabout for 2 years, that's a little under $200 for 5 years of use -- $40/yr. is nothing for the safety and security of a child!

(We've never, ever used those baby-bucket things. If they're designed to pop out at the push of a button how safe can they be? Besides, babies are meant to be held and carried in arms. . . not buckets!)
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Oops. . .

Forgot to add that for us a 5-point harness is a necessity for as long as possible!

(You'll soon see 4-pointers as standard on car seats for adults!)
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Telekinetic pyro

The only seat I can think of that would do what you want it to the alpha omega. That basic seat is also sold as an eddie bauer, it just has a different cover on it. I personally wouldn't buy it because I haven't had any cosco seats that I like and according to consumer reports it did very badly when tested as a booster seat. Since your baby is so young you should probably look for a convertable car seat. By the time he is big enough for a booster they may be a lot better options on the market for a booster seat.

A lot of convertable seats will go up to 30 lbs rear facing, they all go to 40 lbs forward facing. All of them will have the weight and height printed ont the seat. I like the century and evenflo seats, they usually cost between $40 and $130.
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Well, the one time I really yelled at dd was when she was trying to get out of her car seat. I was on the highway, had no shoulder to pull over on, and could just helplessly watch in the rearview mirror as she tried to wriggle out of her car seat. I used my scariest voice-yelling at her to stop it and stay in her car seat (sopunding quite a bit like my own mom). Well, she cired, but she has never tried to get out of it again, and that was about 8 or 9 months ago! I felt bad at first-but car seat safety is just a non-negotiable, kwim?
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Bumping up for Piglet!

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