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Max is here!!!

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Max arrived safe and sound Friday night. Active labor was less than 3 hours, spectacularly un-mucked with birth other than the AROM. He nursed 45 of his first 60 minutes on the outside and pretty much hasn't stopped since. I lost a little too much blood and am anemic but my bottom and rest of me fared very well.

He was 7-7 and 18 1/2 ".
Full birth story to follow.

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Cutie pie! (DDCC from July 2010) Congratulations on your little Max and glad to hear your labour went pretty well and that he's nursing well.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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Max! Congratulations, mama! He is so very beautiful!
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Woo hoo! Look forward to hearing more!
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!
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he is ADORABLE!!!
Congrats mama!!
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Omg, he is ridiculously cute!!! (And honestly I'm not one to fawn over other people's children!)

Congratulations to you and yours! I'm glad things went well for you!
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Oh my -- the chin cleft! I love it. So Cary Grant. Congrats on a smooth birth and HURRAY for worry-free breastfeeding. That is always a huge plus in my book.
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What a handsome babe he is!! Congrats momma! Glad to hear things were smooth and short for you! Looking forward to your story!
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Congrats mama he is beautiful!! I love all his hair!
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Congratulations!! Welcome to the new little one!
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Congrats! That last picture you posted is seriously adorable. I can't believe how chubby he is out of the gates! Enjoy!
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Gah! Look at that adorable babers! Congratulations to you & yer tribe, mama!
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Good looking boy! Congrats mama!!
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He is ALL cheeks and chin. Skinny chicken legs etc.....but those chubby, super kissable cheeks. He is also so short (for one of mine) he was only 18 1/2 inches. My next shortest was 19 7/8 and weighed just a bit less. Most of them are 21 inches give or take at the same weight he was.

Another pic the whole crew (minus my two big boys who are away at camp)


L to R: Grace (11) Ben (6) Emma (9) Me and Max, Tristan (2) Lucy (4) Katie (17)
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What a beautiful bunch!!!
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You have gorgeous children, mama!! CONGRATS and welcome to Max!!
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How cute! Beeeeautiful family momma!!!
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