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Originally Posted by SundayCrepes View Post
I highly recommend reading this book about how preschool kids learn. http://www.amazon.com/Einstein-Never...7390699&sr=8-1

It's really good and really easy to read. One of the things they talk about is why it is better for kids this age to play rather than do academics. You may be better able to gear your homeschooling to what will best help your kids if you read this book.
I'm going to try to reserve this one from the library! Care to share a few of the
key points in the book?
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Originally Posted by zebaby View Post
I'm going to try to reserve this one from the library! Care to share a few of the
key points in the book?
The bottom line is: Read to your kids, talk to your kids, let them play, and don't worry about academics at this age.

It's all about studies that have been done (though it's written in a really easy to read style.)

The study that struck me the most compared kids in academic based preschools and play based preschools. By the end of K, they were academically identical, but the kids with the academic background were not as creative and were more anxious than the kids who were allowed to just play. I wish they'd also looked at a group of kids who stayed home and were allowed to just play.

Another study looked at the effects of how parents talked to their kids. The more positive and less negative talk that the kids experienced, the better they did.
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Oh my gosh, we finally found a craft for DD - beading I'd pretty much despaired of ever doing anything crafty with her but my birth necklace for DS broke and she's been getting it out and trying to fix it at every opportunity. In the midst of telling her to put it away because it's really precious to me and I was worried some of the beads would get lost I realised...She's really enjoying this!
So we headed out today to the only store in town which sold beads (a waaaaaaaaaay over-priced touristy toy shop ) and she's been happily beading away for an hour
I'm so pleased. This is the child who hates drawing, doesn't colour-in, dislike cutting & pasting, doesn't enjoy playdough etc etc etc Woohoo, we found something she likes
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hi everyone!
I have ordered a couple of books for activity ideas and am constantly printing things off the Internet. We are trying to do at least one a week. I guess that is not very much, haha, but I don't think my kids nor I could tolerate too much more than that.
We go to a program (different musical acts, a puppet show, a reptile show, etc) at our library every week which is fun. My son likes it but is too scared to participate. They have a lot of fun things going on this summer at the various libraries nearby and we'd probably do most of them (my oldest loooves leaving the house--as do I!), but I have such a hard time with both of my children together. The one year old wouldn't sit still for any of it anyway.
I would love to sign my 3 year old up for gymnastics or a playball class but it is too expensive (plus he is so scared of everything so I'm not sure how that would work). Adding that as well as memberships to museums/the aquarium/the zoo to our Christmas/birthday wishlists, hehe.
We were going to parks every day but it is way too hot now. We're all annoying each other being stuck inside.
Thanks to everyone for sharing links and book ideas! My hold list at the library is at the maximum number already, haha, but I'll be adding those to the list soon!
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Kind of randomly this week we decided to do some activities related to "The Story About Ping". We have read and learned a bit about China. We are visiting the duck pond nearby. DD colored a paper doll and dressed her in traditional Chinese clothing. We did a "what floats" experiment. So far it's been really fun. I'm enjoying learning about China as well. We read a cool book about inventions/food/animals/etc from China. Now the kids want to have a dinner here where we eat food that originated in China (they were particularly swayed by the peaches, ice cream, and spaghetti!) We will learn about the life cycle of the duck as well. So that's our focus for the week.

We are also planning on going to pick blueberries, since the season just started here. We are working in the garden a lot, observing the toad who lives under the peas, watching our one remaining butterfly (couldn't release her because she came out with broken wings).

That's about it for us for this week.
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so....ds is starting to get into numbers and counting now so I am trying to come up with a structured way to fit everything in that interests him. Obviously at 2.5 he doesn't have th attention span to do counting, ABC, etc activities every day, all of them, so I've been doing ABC stuff one day and then math stuff the next day. I also found a couple books at the library with "science experiments" for preschoolers and easy, cheap art projects. We're signed up for the summer reading program and going on "field trips" at least 2x a week. It's a lot of work because I take one of ds friends with us when we go places, but ds is loving it.

Last week we did a special story presentation at the library one day, and then balloon art at another library another day. This week the library is having a bird show and a reptile show. So stuff like that is filling our days and ds is learning so much and having a really good time. The other day he told me, "mommy I don't want to go to bed yet." I said, "well, it's time to go to sleep, I know you're tired." He goes, "no, I'm not. I'm nocturnal." lol he learned that at one of the library events we went to.
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tired. mini-vent.

DS1 is 7 months past 4. He has an IEP due to a profound artculation delay.

he had 4 days of esy this summer -- they are doing a camp like thing -3 adults, 5 kids (all boys ) one hour 2 days in june, 2 in july.

so it was yesterday adn today.

he was silly by the end yesterday adn today again when i picked him up -- silly. then i saw the KOOLAID CHILLER (RED) they had for snack. wtf???? what happened to milk or water at school?????

then the ST who i do actually really like, who is working with DS2 too and who we've worked with since before Ds1 was 3 ....well she stars in to "he really had fun, he does great with the other kids, are you sure you won't reconsider preschool this fall? Even one day, not all 4? well just think about it"


1. even if we were going to use public school we would not use pre-school. it is nothing more than free daycare -- i am home, he doesn't need to go be "watched" by others who DON'T watch.

2. KOOLAID ... need i say more. I never allowed that crap at all and now we are on a restricted diet .. but just as general parenting -- sugar water with bright fake colors has never been allowed.

3. ok he likes it -- so -- that doesn't mean it is good for him. He'd LIKE to eat a whold batch of cookie dough too -- should i send him off to do that too? I HATE the "he likes it" or "he/she wants to" "argument" -- uh they are CHILDREN what they like is not a decision maker --

I let him go to VBS -- 3 hours a day X 5 days last week ... i THOUGHT that would be safe enough .....he came home 3 out of 4 days crying and 1 day so mad i still don't know what happned. he didn't eat 4 days beacuse of his self-limits on food and snack not meeting them. AND to top it off -- now he is telling me he HATES things and things are BOREING .. neither are terms he knew or used before a 15 hours with his "peer group" and THAT was are Vacation Bible School in a church setting with a curriculm that is great and a driector i like, trust adn respect -- what can i fear from public school ???????

:i rked
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Momma Aimee,

I'm so sorry about your experience. Due to extreme circumstances we had to put our son in preschool for 2.5 months. I knew he'd start in with guns and killing, and was horrified at the prospect, but I felt between the proverbial rock and hard place. After we took him out, I found out he had often been victimized because he "spoke with his words, not his hands." He was a great role model for the other kids, but to his detriment. (And this was a very good preschool.)

So, I understand your frustrations (though kool aid would send me through the roof.)

The one good thing that came out of our experience was he knows he doesn't like school, so we are unlikely to get any requests to go to school based on some idealized fantasy. AND, the gun talk did eventually stop. I would just tell him, "It makes me sad when you pretend to hurt someone." Hopefully your guy's boredom talk will end, too.
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Momma Aimee How frustrating. Koolaid would make me livid
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Bright, artificial food dyes are the devil, but sadly, the majority of people don't think twice. I'm more saddened by that act than anything.

I hate the "I'm bored" phrase! DS started saying that one a couple of months ago too. Not sure where he learned that one. I'm thinking from TV, though I don't specifically remember which show might have been the culprit.
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We went to the science museum yesterday to see the human brain exhibit. My small girl had four little boys running after her! LOL!
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Hi! May I join in?

Thanks for sharing all the links and discussions! What a great find!

My kids are 4y6m DS & 1y7m DD. They're so awesome (if occasionally exasperating!) I love watching them learn. Something about watching those little faces light up! You can just see the connections! Just makes my Mama heart shine! <3

So, what they're up to now. DS is showing some of the reading readiness signs! He loves the letter magnets and makes long strings of letters for me to sound out. I'm also putting up the cat picture magnet with the letters c-a-t underneath & sounding them out. He does know a few words -- which is yes and which is no kinda thing -- but I think he's gonna be a whole word reader. So he may not read for a while, yet. As for writing, he's not interested. But he will construct letters out of blocks or string, so I know he is processing.

He begs me to do schoolwork everyday when the baby is asleep. Sometimes we do workbooks (I usually write his answers -- except for the handwriting workbook), often we read, talk, play ball, bake, gaarden, collect bugs (dead or alive!) or play the harder internet games (Splitter, or stuff on PBS kids Go where you need to read). We're printing out the little books from Starfall.com about once a week. We're learing some ASL and some Spanish.

Baby Girl loves ring around the rosie, pat-a-cake, and her big brother! She says "1,2,B!" whenever she sees a letter and says "7,8,7!" when she sees numbers!

We don't get out much -- only one car right now, and I work part-time. But we make it to the beach, library and to see family and friends now and then. Thankfully, the rains of Alex have past and we can get back out into the kiddie pool!

Oops! Baby's awake! Later!
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Welcome rockportmama.

Yesterday I put some water in a clear measuring glass. My son and I noted what line the water was at. Then we put in a little rock to see what would happen. Then we put in a big rock and saw what happened. Then a ball that floated. (Then he put the big rock on top of the ball.) Once he made the connection about displacement, we talked about what would happen to the water if his baby sister took a bath, he took a bath, and Daddy took a bath.

Such fun.

He's also decided he likes tomatoes grown in our garden.
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Just subbing mostly.... finding lots of ideas and glad to have a place to chat with other moms doing similar things.
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so ds has finished the preschool learn to count math through hooked on phonics, and he finished up a kindergarten math workbook through hooked on phonics and the next set up is addition and subtraction and these workbooks look like he definitely needs to be proficient in writing, so i am wondering what is another good math workbook to use probably K level? He has mastered counting 1-20 and the k hop workbook was numbers 1-100 and he could use some more work on the larger numbers, specifically 50-100, but i don't want to get a workbook that is too below his level? any suggestions?

despite being not sure about continuing homeschooling beyond the pre-k level, i went ahead and ordered a huge Hooked on phonics set for grades K-2 because it was an awesome deal, and i plan to finish up Ds's pre-k HOP reading set by the end of the summer. I am going to start up the learn to print set after he finishes the HOP letter sounds work book and see how the learn to print goes.

So i am pretty much planning to have this fall be a trial run for homeschooling and I am looking at it as his Kindergarten year, not sure if i will document it or not, I may decide to so that i can get into practice of doing it and hoping it will help me decide by next spring if we will continue homeschooling him or not. I am just very indecisive about many things in life, so this is a big decision, dh is really cool with either choice at this point in elementary school.

I do enjoy Hooked phonics and ds does a lot too which is why i chose to continue with it, despite liking the free progressive phonics. But we will use that too on occasion. LOL as i type this my ds is hugging the HOP posters on the wall, kids are so funny!
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mommaaimee I know it can be hard when others influence our children, that is alot of the reason we are considering homeschooling. I know ds gets some bad influence from tv, cousins and sometimes even dh, but it isn't a daily constant thing like public school/daycare is, kwim? My ds doesn't like the gym daycare much either, he goes max 5 hours a week, normally like 3 to 4, and i just wonder if he is like that for some daycare that is suppose to be fun, how hard is it going to be to convince him to go to public school 5 times a week?
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Hi ladies

I haven't been posting much but we are still official preschool for a few more months. J started swimming lessons and is loving them! He already is swimming with his head up, doing a dead mans float, and swimming under water. We have had lots of playdates and park days. Both kids have been pretty into crafts lately so we have been doing a lot of those. Oh and lego of course!

I did decide on what to use for K too. He is academically ready for a lot of first grade work, but I decided to do K level instead. We will be doing McRuffy K math and LA. McRuffy is very hands on and fun, plus I think the K is a little bit advanced so it should work perfect! I don't want to push him ahead. I want him to feel smart and confident. Plus I want a laid back year.
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My son has been watching a lot of "how it's made" on youtube. He especially likes to watch the cooking ones. He's been asking to make donuts. Fortunately one of them has a recipe for baked donuts. They taste like sweet biscuits with chocolate glaze. We made them the other day and had a blast.

Right now he's coloring eggs. I got a couple extra packs of egg colors after Easter. Randomly he likes to color eggs. I limit him to one or two colors at a time to make the colors last longer. We have our own chickens and he colors the eggs uncooked so we can still use them for all our egg needs. (I hardly ever have need for hard-boiled eggs.)
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I'm a bit new here. Can I join in!? DS will be 3 this fall so we're going to start preschool. ...actually, we're dipping our toes into it now. I've picked up some Kumon books and he loves tracing and learning to color in the lines. I also give him plenty of blank paper b/c he love's drawing and then telling me a story...which I write at the bottom of the page. When we're shopping I have him count out the apples and oranges, etc that we're buying. He also loves to help cook/bake. This fall, I'm leaning toward using LOTW as a guideline so that I can have weekly goals. He knows colors, shapes and counts well. I want to work on recognizing numbers and letters. As soon as he gets up from nap, I'm taking him to get a library card and let him check out books for the first time.
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Originally Posted by zebaby View Post
Speaking of the different rates that kids develop, what is normal/typical in terms of writing skills at this age?
DD is almost 3.5. She writes a few letters, and she's written her name once with my help, but she doesn't have a whole lot of interest right now. My main learning interests for her are learning to swim, learning to use her scooter, and learning how to do buttons.

Originally Posted by ILoveMyBabyBird View Post
He has mastered counting 1-20 and the k hop workbook was numbers 1-100 and he could use some more work on the larger numbers, specifically 50-100, but i don't want to get a workbook that is too below his level? any suggestions?
DD learned to count to 100 by playing Shoots and Ladders.
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