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Help me troubleshoot diaper rash

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Help! We keep going through a cycle where the skin in the baby's diaper area will look great for a few days, then get reddened for ~2 days, then peel for a day or two , then go back to looking okay, then the cycle repeats. He doesn't seem overly uncomfortable or in pain, but it's making me feel like a failure and like I want to say screw it and use disposables.

I need help figuring out what the problem is and/ or where to start figuring out what the problem is. Is it:

1. We're not changing him enough or fast enough? We go through probably 10-12 diapers a day. If I know he's wet or poopy, I try to change him ASAP, but how far do you take that? If your baby falls asleep, do you wake them up and change them? I am trying to get him to have some naked time everyday, but he doesn't always cooperate with that plan.

2. Washing related? We use Planet detergent (which is supposed to be very clean rinsing and is recommended for cloth diapers). We have a front loader, but I'm not sure that it's high efficiency (there is no HE label on it anywhere I can see). We usually wash every other day and do a cold/ cold cycle with detergent and an extra rinse and then a hot/ cold cycle also with detergent and an extra rinse. Starting today, I am trying adding 1/2 cup baking soda to the cold cycle to see if the issue is that the diapers are too acidic. We then dry on med heat until the diapers are completely dry. Should I be using Bac-Out or vinegar or a different detergent or rinsing them more or... or...?

3. The type of diaper? We've been using a combination of prefolds, fitteds (kissaluv, thirsties), contours (kissaluv), and AIOs (thirsties) Only a dew of our diapers have a microfleece stay dry liner. Should I be investing in liners and using them with all the dipes? Any recommendations of diapers for babies who have this problem?

4. The type of diaper cream/ powder we're using? I have virtually everything that is cloth diaper compatible at my disposal, but we've not been particularly consistent with using the same thing every time. We have Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, California Babies Calming Diaper Cream and Calming Powder (talc free), Burt Bees powder (talc free), and Magic Stick. And I have some Claymazing powder on order (talc and cornstarch free). For the type of skin irritation I'm describing, is powder better (to help keep it dry) or a cream/balm that provides a barrier better? Or some combo of the two?

Any thoughts/ recommendations?
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My only advice would be to use a barrier cream (no powder) and choose one and use it consistently for several days to see if it is something in one of the creams which is causing an irritation.

My other thought is, could he have thrush? That sometimes causes a peeling type rash. Although it doesn't explain the remitting/relapsing cycle.

Sorry, I don't have anything else. Hope you get some answers soon though.

Oh, and waking a sleeping baby for a nappy change would be my last resort
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i just came to the computer to post a similar question. we are having diaper rash issues too. Especially as my 7 week old son is sleeping longer stretches at night now - around 4 hrs (yeah) The only thing that seems to clear it up is using disposies for a day or so (which i HATE resorting too)

We use earth mama angel baby bottom balm. Does any one have other diaper cream suggestions? i feel terrible about his bum! (tho rash more in front above genitalia then on his bottom)

We stopped using bummis covers as they gave him rashes on his legs (he is nice and healthy and chubby) So we use organic pfs with or without fleece liners w flip covers, bumgenuis AIOS and flip inserts and covers.

D born at home 4/22/10
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Sounds like yeast (the peeling is the clue.) Our ped says to apply Lotrimin AF twice a day and wash the diapers with vinegar.
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I change every time she wets as long as she is awake. I do use a pocket to pull the wetness away while she sleeps. We have had that issue. Same sounding rash and I too felt like a failure. Changed detergents, added bleach, tried different cloth diapers and then by accident I found out she can't handle me drinking pop. So weird I would have never thought of that.

Anyways look at your diet, has anything changed since the rash problems started?

Good luck mama
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