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Mommy separation anxiety...HATE working away from home...any legit work at home resources??

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DS is 9 mos today and I cried this morn because I hate leaving him more and more...but I still want to make at least some income and DH is adament that we don't go "backwards" in our life...I've done some looking and applying but I'm wondering if anyone has good resources for WAH jobs??
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hey mama... I know- being separated from baby is really tough.

So, I am actually doing some work at home. I teach at an online university (Univ of Phoenix) and I am working on a research project with a university professor at a local university. He is allowing me to completely work from home because we worked together before I got pregnant and he liked the quality of my work. I am also studying to become a birth educator and doula, and, maybe, down the line, a lactation consultant.

I am quite busy at home, but I have to say, working at home with a baby is TOUGH work. Sometimes I actually wish that I could take a few hours away and leave her with my mom. She is a little older now (almost 7 months) so I am more comfortable doing that now. Also, the money I am earning is SIGNIFICANTLY less than if I were working full time somewhere, so that is something to keep in mind too.

What line of work are you in? Are you looking for something academic? Have you considered maybe freelance writing? Or, have you considered perhaps going part-time somewhere and then working from home doing something part-time? What are your childcare options like right now?

Sorry I am not more helpful. I struggle with this a lot because I know my parents want to see me out in the official work force again but I just can not bring myself to do it. And, as a result, my husband and I- well, we definitely have lowered our standard of living. But, for us, it's worth it.
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My best friend works from home by running a little daycare. She watches 1 kid full time and 2 more kids half time. She makes a little over $1000 a month with that work-load. It allows her to stay home and still contribute. You might investigate that. Good luck!
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The only legitimate one I know if is writing articles for Demand Studios (articles published on eHow.com, for example). They pay $15 per article. The application process includes a resume of past writing experience and a writing sample.

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It would be fine for me if we lowered our standards, but I guess b/c my DH grew up in a very unfortunate environment he wants things to be different for our little guy, which I understand too, so I am torn about the whole thing.
My mom watches him full time now, since he was 3 mos, which I am VERY thankful for.
I know it would be tough to work from home, but I would be able to work after he goes to bed and the weekends some when other people are around to help, and my mom said she would still help out some (she actually WANTS me to be at home too, he has such a hard time being away from me). So I pretty much have the support...
I've worked in Administration for a long time, I'm currently in Document Change Control and I have my Associate's in Computer Information Systems. I have applied for moderator jobs, writing jobs, etc, just don't get good responses back...I see a lot of at-home Customer Service work but that defeats the purpose cause I would still have to put little man in daycare. I guess I just need more time to look but it's next to impossible right now..I can barely get laundry done!!
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I have seen tons of IT jobs online or where you can commute or work mostly at home. I would look at individual companies. Also, if you have a BA/BS then there are jobs with ACT, Tutoring, etc. that you can do online.
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Another thing you could consider is taking an online medical transcription course, then doing transcripts from home. The courses are pricey, around $2k, but you can make a decent amount of money with little time and effort.
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I run a home daycare. It is HARD work. But it allows me to stay home with my kid. Right now I have four kids full time, and one more every other week. After all of the tax savings of running a home business and not having other expenses that I would have if I WOH (daycare, professional wardrobe, way more money spent on personal grooming, etc.) I actually net more at the end of the day than when I was working as a commercial banker. Seriously.

I have also thought of doing some book keeping at home. I have a degree in business, so I have considered trying to start a little business doing bookeeping for small businesses in my town. I may still do this at some point in the future.
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I think that you might want to try asking your dh if you really are going backwards if you stayed home or cut back your hours. How much less would you have as a family? You could try places like Odesk for online work, but it really is hard to work from home with a baby.
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My little guy is 3 1/2 months old and it kills me to leave him everyday. I'm lurking on this thread so that I find some way to WAH myself. Good luck to you, mama had hang in there for the time being!!
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What do you do? Or what are you good at? Or what would you LIKE to do? Take that and run with it!

I'm making money with freelance photography (ok, yes I leave the house for shoots but I do it on my schedule. Editing and delivering of product is done from home.) I'm starting a design business as well.
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Moving to the WAHM Well.
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Well I do LOVE photography, DH just got me a nice new DSLR but I'm not very good with it yet. Don't really know how to get started with photography? I'm good at admin work, been in early childhood development...guess maybe scared of failure and too tired to be motivated to do anything...I feel really crappy at work but much better when I'm with little man so it doesn't seem as bad in the eves when I'm home and can actually do something about it.
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This year I started babysitting and the money is great considering I get to stay at home and my "business" costs me very little money. I watch two girls ages 3 and 6. They help me around the house, actually LIKE doing small chores with me! Ages 3 and up really are quite fun, helpful and would probably love playing with your little babe.
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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post
Another thing you could consider is taking an online medical transcription course, then doing transcripts from home. The courses are pricey, around $2k, but you can make a decent amount of money with little time and effort.
Sorry, but I have to comment on this comment. I have been a transcriptionist for 14 years and, while you can make a decent amount of money, it is NOT with a "little time and effort." If you take a reputable transcription course, it will not be a cake walk and it takes time to make a decent paycheck. I'm not saying it isn't doable, you just can't believe all the infomercials you hear on TV about how easy it is to make $50,000 a year. Like I said, I have done this for 14 years, working at home at least 6 hours a day, with children, and I have NEVER made $50,000 a year. You can make decent money, but you have to work hard.
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Southern Living at Home Consultant

I just started being a Southern Living at Home Consultant. I have researched this decision for the last 4 months, it is legitimate. My website will be up and running soon, but here is the cooperate site..... www.southernlivingathome.com

I already have friends wanting to host a party and I LOVE the products. You can work as much as you want, there are no sales requirements. The average party sells $600 and you get 25%. The starter kit only cost $199 and it is filled with items that I want anyway! In August the company is combining with Entertaining at Home to become Willow House. I have two friends who are doing this and have replaced their teaching jobs. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and I LOVE staying at home with them. If you are interested in this, pm me and we can talk.
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Someone already mentioned Demand Studios, which is good. They pay weekly and I know several moms who write for them full time. Also look into Break Studios, NAA (go through the "support a ticket" link to inquire about freelance writing--they frequently hire, but never advertise) and QualityGal.

All of the above are content sites, but the following will give you general leads and information on private clients, revenue sites, higher paying gigs, etc:

Freelance Writing Gigs

No Job for Mom

Constant-Content Besides freelance writing, you can also sell some of your photography here.

Inkwell Editorial

For general info on work at home jobs for moms and ways to make money online, these sites may help:

Work at Home Jobs for Moms

My Lil Gold Dress (Be sure to sign up for their free ebook, which is full of useful tips that aren't featured on the main site).

Work at Home Jobs Community (An informative site that also features a forum and blogs that are all devoted to working from home).

WAHM is also a sort of mecca for work at home moms and work at home mom wannabes.

I've heard mixed reviews about Cha-Cha, but it appears to be profitable for some, so it may be worth a try. Also, with regards to the transcription jobs, I understand that regular transcription is a tad bit easier to break into than medical transcription (I'm assuming this is because MTs must also know medical terminology, but I'm not sure). Try QuickTate and CallRevu, as well as search for transcription jobs on the sites offered here or through CraigsList. (There are also transcription forums on WAHM.com (above) that may offer you more info.

Since you have to act fast, I'd suggest the writing links first, as some of them aren't too difficult to get hired with and they're almost always looking for new writers. Most pay weekly or every two weeks and you can work around your baby's schedule. This is just to secure something right away while looking for other work at home jobs for moms.

Also, be sure to remind your husband of the expense of working outside of the home. I totally understand where he's coming from (just like I totally empathize with your position), but he may only be calculating the income and not considering the output for gas and transportation, childcare, clothing, lunch, etc. After weighing the financial benefits and losses, he may be inclined to reconsider.

Good luck!
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