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Sick kids

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Lovely. This morning I noticed that Cadence had a bit of a runny nose. She was acting pretty normal all day, but when she got up from her nap a little while ago she was coughing and her throat was sounding scratchy when she talked.

This afternoon the older 2 went to the playground. When they came back, Tevin was complaining of a headache and Sam said her throat felt like it was closing up. We had Tevin lay down and rest for awhile and Sam got involved in something and wasn't saying anything. She's kind of a drama queen, so we just figured she was trying to get out the cleaning we were asking her to do. Tevin's head still hurt about an hour later, so I gave him some Tylenol and had him lay down again. We asked Sam to do something else and she started complaining about her throat again. Although now she's at baseball practice and has swimming lessons afterward, so I'm still wondering if she's just faking it.

I am kind of wondering if the 3 have anything to do with each other. As I sit here and think about it, those are 3 signs of strep. The nose/throat thing, headache, throat constriction. Blah. AND now Tevin says his throat feels weird when he breathes in and out.

The Quick Care closes in a half hour and I think they stop taking patients like 20 minutes before closing. We'll have to see how they feel in the morning and take them in then if need be. There haven't been any fevers. My only fear is that if I go into labor tonight, they could be restricted from seeing the baby.
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Oh man poor little sickies. I hope they are all feeling better and it is just a cold.
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DDCC I've heard a LOT of people complaining of the same symptoms only to be told "It's probably a virus" and left to let it run it's course. I hope the kids are feeling better soon!
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We actually rescheduled the c/s (the first rescheduling) because Cora was sick. Turned out to be allergies, but better safe than sorry.

Hoping they feel better, AND that you don't go into labor tonight! Be sure to wash your hands a lot and not kiss them on the mouth, so YOU don't get sick.
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Could it be allergies? I hope so!
My 4yr old woke up w/ a cold yesterday so I'm hoping this baby holds off her arrival until he's less contagious. Good luck!
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How are they feeling today?

I put my 2yr old to bed to wake up to him having a fever of 101.2. He didn't act sick at all yesterday and today he is totally acting like himself. I just took his temp and it is normal. He does have slightly swollen glands. I really hope he gets over this fast. I don't wan't a sick bugs around when a newborn is to be born anytime. Hope yours are feeling better!
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I think they're sick, but not sure whether to take them in or not. Tevin said his tummy hurt this morning and his throat still felt funny. Cadence is still coughing and has a runny nose. I haven't really asked Sam how she feels, but she slept really late which is terribly uncommon for her. I think we might go in to the Quick Care and have a rapid strep test done. At least then if it is something that can be made less contagious we can do something about it. I'd hate to have the baby and then realize that they have strep which could have potentially been contained a bit more. My kids have very strange symptoms of strep generally. Sam has only ever had a sore throat or fever maybe once when she had it, but more often than not it gives her a tummy ache or a headache.
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I hope they feel better asap! There is a tummy bug going around my house, I cleaned up throw up in my son's room that had splattered all over his bookshelves, under the bed drawers and walls for about an hour last night...I will be 39 weeks tomorrow, I'm hoping I too can hold off a few days on labor to make sure this crap is gone from my house!
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