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Would you remove photos from FB? - Page 4

Poll Results: Would you remove photos if asked to?

  • 69% (92)
    Yes, absolutely
  • 24% (33)
    Yes, but I may be annoyed about it
  • 6% (8)
    No, they're my photos/my profile
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I am one of those that would never post someone else's pictures (be it of their person, their kids, their dog, their house, whatever) without their permission. If I did post a picture that someone objected to (even if it just included their upholstery), I would take it down immediately. I think that is common courtesy.

And I have a ton of pictures up.
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If someone wanted their picture off, I would take it off.
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i'd remove them but be confused/annoyed.

but i'm the type of person who has a flickr account with thousands of photos and i upload photos to facebook almost daily. i don't take photos only for me to enjoy.
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I would take it down and wouldn't be bothered one bit. Maybe because I myself am uncomfortable with what some people post on FB? For example, I am a stickler for not mentioning when I won't be home, and it makes me very uncomfortable when other people tell (ie, "Betty Sue: I can't wait to go out of state on vacation with APBTlover and her husband all next week!"). I haven't asked anyone to delete anything (text or image) yet, but I think they should be fine with it if I do. And so I would be fine with it if they did.
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Taking a picture of someone is different than posting all the pics on the Internet available for viewing, no matter what "privacy" settings are in place. I would take them down, and have no problem doing so.
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Originally Posted by May May View Post
My 15 y/o daughter recently insisted that I remove nearly every last photo of her from my FB page. I am realizing that she is very particular about how/where/when she shares herself (she has lots of photos of herself on her own FB page).

It's kind of a bummer for me because my out-of-state friends want to know what I've been doing for the past 15 years and I don't have anything to show for it in the form of photographs. I complied with her request, however, and I'm taking care of my feelings about it on my own time.
When I ask my children if I can post a photo of them on my FB if they say no, and they have, I ask them to pick out some photos they are ok with me posting for friends and family to see.
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I did that, too, redveg. At this point, she only approves two photos for me to share so that is what I have up on my page. I hope she will become more generous with time!
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I would take them down and apologize for putting them on there without her permission.

As others have said, it doesn't matter in the least what the reason is....it's their face (or child or house or whatever) so they get to be the one who decides what they are comfortable sharing. I do however think people should ask nicely instead of freaking out about it.
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If anyone asked me to remove their pictures off my facebook page I would and I'd hope they would do the same for me.
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Interesting...it has never once occurred to me to ask permission from someone before posting a pic of them (well, I mean, it's never just them, but them and my kid, or them and me, etc.). I do tag them, however, so that they can see that I posted the pic, and they can un-tag it if they wish.

However, if anyone ever asked me to take down a picture for any reason, I would, no question. And I absolutely don't think that asking me to take pics down deserves defriending.

But I keep my privacy settings locked up pretty tight and my friends list pretty small. If my page was public, of course I would ask before posting. But seeing as the only people who will see it are people who, as a PP said, I would show a photo album to if they were in my house...well, I just don't worry about it that much.
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I wonder if there is a bit of an age divide on this.

My younger cousins (early 20s) take and post more pictures of themselves on any given weekend than I probably did in ALL of my 20s (taking pics, there was no "posting" them). It just wasn't a thing. We didn't carry cameras around and take pictures of every damn thing. It just wasn't done. The cousins then post every picture online. Even pictures of say, other people's children.

I had never posted any pics of my daughter online (now have some on facebook that are friends only and my friends are actual FRIENDS, not just 1365 randoms). Their pictures had names and descriptions and other stuff I just wasn't comfortable with. They can not for the lives of them understand why I wouldn't want my baby's picture, name, church, town (very small) etc posted on their facebook photos and they do have THOUSANDS of "friends" - many of them just random people they don't know. I'm just not comfortable with that. They can't understand it (but did untag the pics) because they post every move they make all day long. If any of them are being stalked, they are doing the stalkers job for them.

As for me, my mom asks that I not post her pics (or pics of her with my daughter) on facebook. She's had a tough few years (lost a brother and both parents) and it's really aged her. She's put on weight. She's self-conscious about it. There are a lot of people I'm friends with who have not seen her in this time and it embarrasses her to have them see her at a low point. It really DOES show that she's had a hard few years and I respect that it bothers her. Is it rational? Maybe not. But I FIRMLY believe that we just do not have the right to take someone else's image and share it with whomever we want, in whatever way we want.

If it's important enough for someone to work up the nerve (or get angry or upset) about it, then it's important enough for me to take it down and try to smooth that over. I'm not out to hurt anyone's feelings.
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