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Did anyone see Will and Grace tonight?

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I have no idea if it was a new one, as I don't watch normally, but I did tonight.

Will made a comment to Grace about something being imaginary (can't remember the exact word), and her answer was "Like weapons of mass destruction?".

I thought it was wonderful.
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Did anyone see Will and Grace tonight?

No, I couldn't find kama's TV under all that booze.
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It hasn't come on yet, but I have it set for Tivo to record.
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I love W&G. For the last I don't know how long, each week there has been a new snipe at GWB or the war. I can't remember what it was last week, either GWB was stupid or ugly or something, but it was funny!
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I did. I love that show.

Now, is it me or is Grace pregnant. I don't watch it consistantly so I'm not sure of the whole story line with her 'husband'. But, I could have sworn I saw a good sized belly on her AND she's had a change in wardrobe recently with these larger, flowy jackets things.

Can anyone clue me in?
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Debra Messing, who plays Grace is pregnant. Very pregnant by this point, it looks to me. Grace is NOT pregnant, but Will has made some fat jokes, and I think they are trying to pass it off as stress eating from Grace's husband being away/ her leaving him?

Crap. I have just outed myself as an avid TV watcher. UGH! I hate it, I really do, but my addictive personality needs something to do other than smoke crack and drink... :LOL
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okay, i feel much better in that i'm not seeing things.

She does look very pg, so i'm sure she'll be back into her normal wardrobe shortly.

I wonder why they didn't write that into the script? oh well, probably didn't want baby dynamics to be introduced.
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debra messing is only 5.5 - 6 months!!!!!! She looks huge because of how freaking skinny she was pre-baby. I think she HAD to gain a lot.
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Moving this to the Media forum :LOL
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Yes that was an awsome comment!

I saw a rerun the other day when Grace was dating Woody harrelson(?) and he says:
"you know you Jews are pretty cool, except for the part about the circumcisions"
I liked hearing that.
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Granted I don't watch as faithfully as I did before the dumb marriage, but I haven't heard Will make any disparaging remarks about Grace's weight. How would that work, anyway? She's always been a huge eater...that's always been a constant laugh. So, why would she be gaining weight now, just b/c they got rid of the husband they should have never put her with in the first place?

(if they were gonna marry her off, they should have done it with o-boy from Cheers. that was a hilarious time, IMO. he fit in nicely with the show.)

Last night's show was pretty *blah*. I'd like to know what's going on with the writers, etc.
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Now that's embarrassing. Putting a thread in the wrong place when you're a mod. Especially into your own forum!!
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i thought it was ridiculous! she's obviously pregnant (and looks great, btw - she needed the weight if you ask me!) and no amount of black swishy flowy mumus are going to mask it.

why didn't they just write it into the script? i agree that this season is no where near as funny as previous ones. weren't will and grace trying to have a kid anyway? what happened to that?
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Loved the WMD comment!

Personally, Im glad they didn't write a baby into the script because it never really works (eg Friends, the baby is never around...) I imagine it is stressful for a baby on the set on a tv show.

Will and Grace were going to try to have a baby before she met Leo and got married.
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