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River Rayne Has Arrived!-Updated With Birth Story

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River Rayne made her entrance into the world on 6/12/10 at 11:54pm She weighed in 6pds 2oz an 19inches long. We are now home and resting..

Birth Story

The Story began on friday the 11th, when I went in to L&D because I had the worse backache of my life. I was in so much pain I was having muscle spams and couldnt move. This wasn't back labor, the baby was lying on a bunch of nerves and causing sciatica. I was however contracting and they picked up a couple on the moniter. They did an internal check and I was 3-4cm dilated. They did an u/s and saw her fluid was a little bit low but borderline. So they gave me some tylenol and told me to try to stay off my feet..rest and water. Saturday came around, I was still in pain but at that point resigned myself that it was not going to get better until I delivered so I just suffered through it. I got a phone call at about 2pm from the L&D dept at the hospital, the resident on duty told me they were a bit concerned about the fluid and since she had a 2 vessel cord they thought it was better to be safe and deliver me since I was already dilating and contracting. The drama then began! We ran around the house packing bags for the kids, showering, trying to get anything done that we needed done. About 5pm we headed into the hospital and met up with my mom who was taking the kids to her place. They put us in the mother's waiting room, and the resident came in and talked to us. She asked how much I was contracting, and I laughed and said that I had no idea. I refused to time them because when I felt like I was in labor I would know it. They put us in a triage room to do the paperwork and initial monitering. I had a contraction while in there getting vitals done..I honestly barely felt it..it was like a normal BH I had been ignoring for weeks. However this ctx made Rivers heart rate head down to the low 80's and that little tiny triage room was swarmed with people. They flipped me to my left side and gave me oxygen and her heart rate was back up. The resident talked to us briefly and said he wanted me prepped for emergency c-section but wouldnt do it unless she showed signs of distress like that again. They were going to be super aggressive about getting her out vaginaly, pit and breaking my water. Since they were prepping me for c-section just in case, they wanted the epi set in place so they didnt have to put me to sleep and asked if i wanted the epidural before they broke my water. I thought about this for a min I had wanted to try drug free, but since I always already going to get the pit which I know makes the pain about 100 times worse and I wasnt going to be allowed to get up out of bed once the epidural needle was in place I decided to take the medication as well. They got the pit started, while waited for the epidural..I was having some contractions but nothing painful just yet and for the next couple hours dh and i sat and chit chatted with bouts of Rivers heart rate dropping and being flipped from side to side. They came in and put in the epidural, and slowly started the medication. I had a push button in case I needed more relief. Determined to only use it if I was screaming in pain I never once touched it. They checked me again before they broke my water and I was unchanged. They broke my water and the time just went by while my husband and I yakked about nothing. at around 10:45 they checked me again and I had gotten to 5cm. I laughed and said "woohoo". imo it was going to be a loong night. So i figured i might as well make the best of it. at 11:15 they came and checked again. I was at 6..being the smartass I am i was like oh yay progress! My husband went out to find something to drink, and the resident stopped him in the hall. He did not want to do a c-section unless it got really bad but I might end up going to morning. My Dh said ok and came back in. at 11:30 I was joking with the nurse and said she is not coming out before midnight so it looks like she will be a 6/13 baby..at 11:45 I started feeling pressure like her head was coming out. and we got the Dr's and nurses in there. I was complete and she was -3 my body started pushing on its own. 9 min and 4 pushes later she was out. She had a low temp so they took her to put her under the lamp. I had a small tear on the inside which they decided not to stitch up. She had a true knot in the cord. We spent Sunday and most of monday in the hospital and got home about 11pm last night. She is breastfeeding like a champ and we are working through positioning and latching on issues at each feeding..but she loves to eat!

All in All it was a good hospital experience but I am very glad it is OVER!
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Excellent! And what a great name.
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Aww pretty name. Congratulation!
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Congrats, Mama!
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congrats mama!
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Another beautiful name! Welcome baby! Congrats mama!
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Congratulations mama!
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CONGRATS and welcome to River!! Enjoy your new little bundle!!
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Congratulations on baby River! Welcome to the world.
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That is one intense story! I am glad you had a good experience. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Congratulations, aslyn!
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Very pretty name! Congrats on your new little one and happy to hear you had a wonderful birth experience!!! Hope your enjoying your babymoon!
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