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Allergy Baby #2 Starting Solids- when?

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So dd (now 3.5 yo) had moderate to severe eczema and appeared to be allergic to every food we gave her when we started solids at 6 months. Her allergy story is a long one, but has ended happily. Sufficient to say after all the testing and eliminations, we ended up giving her a constitutional homeopathic remedy and since then she has been able to eat any foods without reaction. But now that we are on the other side of the allergies we are up against eating issues. I feel like her rocky start to eating (denying her most of the foods she wanted to eat and saw her friends eating) may have caused her to have some odd issues regarding food. Like I missed her window for introduction resulting in the current food battles.

Now ds (5.5 months old) is approaching solid foods and I am wondering how to go about it. He is showing all the readiness signs (except his first tooth, which at the rate he's chewing on things and drooling could be arriving very soon). He has had some mild eczema and vomiting issues that I have been able to control with probiotics and lots of lotion. He is very interested in food and clearly wants to experiment. He is riveted on our faces while we eat, his eager eyes shining in anticipation. It breaks my heart how frustrated he gets when he can't grab the food we're eating. So, when would you introduce foods? Would you wait until the somewhat arbitrary 6 months? Would you wait even longer b/c of the known allergies, like 8-9 months? Or would you go for it in this obvious window and just proceed carefully and slowly? Like with steamed summer squash, wait three days, and if all goes well try something else like pear?

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I had hoped to delay solids far beyond 6 months with DC2 but by 5 months she was pitching major fits whenever she witnessed us eating. I was able to hold her off for several weeks by giving her bowls, silverware etc to play with but it became so obvious that she wanted and was ready for FOOD! Anyway we followed the baby led solids approach (so it was fairly slow going) and started her just shy of 6 months b/c I just couldn't do it to her anymore. That said she didn't seem to have any sensitivities to foods via my breastmilk.

Did you pinpoint a food that may have contributed to his vomiting episodes?
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Originally Posted by dandilion44 View Post
Did you pinpoint a food that may have contributed to his vomiting episodes?
No, I didn't. And the reality is, we couldn't pinpoint any foods with dd either. It was everything. So, I was thrilled when his vomiting and eczema came under control with just probiotics (something that didn't work with dd). I mean, he's totally clear as long as I lotion him well. So if he did react to a food, I would see it easily.

I guess, I really want to give him food, but I'm needing to convince myself that it's not stupid given the circumstances of our allergic family. But I know that the jury is out on whether delaying really does prevent allergy. So, it's off to the Farmer's Market tomorrow to get some spray-free local zucchini!
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I'm really struggling with this issue right now too. My DD is 8 months old. She's had eczema since she was 3 months old. She often has mucus in her poops. I've been on an ED starting shortly thereafter, but haven't gotten to baseline. Her eczema is better than it was, but her cheeks often look bad.

I tried to start a few solids a month ago, but I couldn't tell if she was reacting b/c her cheeks weren't clear to start with. She REALLY wants to eat. She has 6 teeth. She can sit up fine. I feel like I should give her solids and just look super carefully for a reaction.

Can someone remind me of all the different types of food reactions? What am I missing?
red cheeks, rash, upset tummy, funky poop, bad sleep, itching, respiratory, throwing up, strange behavior
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