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A Good Day

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Didn't have a good day yesterday. DD2 was out all day first at band camp, then home (I was at work) and then play practice. She came home when I was getting in bed and asked my about my day and I told her - it was shitty.

Woke up this morning to find post-it notes around the house in places I always go (my car, my lunch, my water bottle, etc.) Saying things like 'I love you mom!' and 'I hope you have a better day!' DH and DD1 had no idea - she had out-waited them both before going around and doing it.

Has your teen done anything recently that made your day?
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DSD takes my car to go to work. I never ask her to put gas in it, but once in a while, I get into my car in the morning, and I see that she filled up the tank. Always melts my heart.
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That is really lovely.
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Ok, so I rarely post things here, but that one really brought tears to my eyes. How totally sweet.
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My teen does stuff everyday that makes me smile. She'll cook lunch, take her brothers for a walk, do the dishes...... I love when she just has to tell me something she read or saw, I'm the first one she thinks to share with.

I love this thread.
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