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Who is NOT cloth diapering, and why?

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I used cloth mostly with my 3rd, but not with my older 2. I had full intentions of being exclusivly cloth with this babe(#4), but it is not working out that way. With homeschooling, preparing to get back to working at home with my business, and life in general, I can barely wash clothes to wear, let alone wash diapers. Doesn't help that dd4 leaks through all the newborn cloth diapers I have tried and haaaates feeling the slightest bit wet!!

So for the past week, we have been using Seventh generation dipes and things seem so much easier, and dd is dry and happy. Yet part of me feels guilty for thinking of giving up.

Who else doesn't use cloth?
Why did you choose disposables?
What brand do you use?
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I'm using a little of everything right now. My intention with baby #3 was to use cloth exclusively, but she was 4.7 lbs so none of my diapers fit. I had to use disposables for a while until my preemie diapers arrived. Then she leaked through them terribly and also hates being wet. I also realized she hates using the bathroom at all in a diaper and loves to EC, so we started doing that.

So basically I am using cloth when we go out, ECing at home, and using disposables at night because I need my sleep!
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I am not because I dislike laundry, and know my DH won't help me. We couldn't afford a big investment upfront. Though it is more expensive, it is better with our finances to buy a bag of diapers here and there, and I can usually find deals for brand names at $3-4 a bag. I will flush the solid waste when it becomes solid. It works best for us and so far DS hasn't had any reactions to the paper diapers. We have used several brands but I prefer Huggies and Pampers. The store brand someone bought leaks so I use those only during the day when I am home.
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we are not cd'ing at the moment, but we plan to start w/in a couple of months. our reasons for not are that i had planned a homebirth but ended up having a c-section. so my recovery hasn't been what we planned. also, we couldn't afford to buy newborn size cloth. we just have one-size, and we are waiting it out for a few weeks until he gets big enough to wear them. that being said, i am kind of glad we ended up using disposables for now. he goes through so many diapers that it would be very overwhelming to deal with as a first time mom in addition to the other newborn adjustments. i'm very committed to using cloth, but i'm nervous about it, because with a two week old, i'm still in the phase where i can't imagine how i will ever be able to do anything but care for him. the day when i can do laundry and make dinner and clean, etc., seems so far away. my mom assures me it will come.
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We intended to use cloth with ds (now 2 1/2 yo) but I ended up with a c-section, and ds was a very high need colic baby who HATED the bulk of cloth and the wet feeling. After hours of soothing him, he would finally, finally calm down and then pee and then get furious with feeling wetness and need more hours of soothing. Ugh. It was disposables or our family sanity.
With dd I'm just in the habit of disposables and we have a septic system that will only allow one load of laundry a day. Not doable with cloth.
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We are not using cloth. We don't have anywhere suitable to wash them. We live in an apartment and the laundry machines here are terrible!

Also, my new baby HATES being wet. He cries right away when he needs a new diaper. We use Pampers Swaddlers because they are soft and absorbent.
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Huggies little snugglers here.

I use disposables because....I can't imagine having even more laundry, I can't keep up with what we have as is. We couldn't afford the initial outlay for cloth diapers either right now. We moved when baby girl was 1 month old and I was/am a bit overwhelmed already, the cloth seemed like it would just add to the stress. I don't really know anything about cloth, since I don't know anyone in real life that uses cloth.
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I am not today because I have to strip my cloth diapers already - damn front loaders. If I end up having to strip them this often, I don't know how long I will last.
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I had every intention of trying cd'ing, but it didn't happen. DH wasn't too keen on the idea, so it was something I let slide. I may try it in the future, but think it will just be at home. So far we've tried Huggies & Pampers.. Huggies snugglers are the winner currently. I will probably try some store brands once he gets into "2"s. I would love to use Seventh Generation (or similar), but finances are tough right now (I gave up about half my income when DS was born), and the deals on the name brands are better.
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Embarassed to say that we are using Pampers Swaddlers too. I hate the thought of all that extra waste in the world, but I am the only one who would have used the CDs which would have meant when I go back to work we'd be buying sposies anyway. I also have way too much laundry to deal with as it is - we spent two hours at the laundry the other day with 5 *double loads* of wash after only one week - can't bear the idea of more.
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