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Failure to thrive at three months - HELP!

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Please, I need to hear from people who have gone through failure to thrive as a newborn. My son is failure to thrive, hovering between 0%-3% on the growth charts, and we've started free-feeding formula. I need to hear your experiences and talk to some people to network and figure out what is going on and what I can do. Thanks!
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A little more info would be helpful. Has your DS always been on the small side or did he fall off the charts? Are either you or your husband a small person? Is he peeing and pooping enough on BM? There are PLENTY of babies on this forum that are at the very bottom of all of the growth charts and some that aren't on them at all. Some babies are simply small, so without all the info it's hard to say what's wrong..
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Like Abraisme said we need more details . DD2 was born at over 8lbs but did not go back to her birth weight before she was a month old. It was not ftf though she was just genetically programmed to be a short skinny person. She did not go over 20 lbs before she was a year old. I was worried but luckily my doctor was not and labeled her one of the healthiest babies he had ever seen.
He was right: she is very energetic and smart and so far has been sick twice for 2-3 days each even though her siblings have been sick a lot more than that. She gains weight slowly but steadily and that is a lot more important than where she is on the charts.
She has been eating solids for months on top of still nursing ans she is still gaining weight slowly. Ans she eats quite a bit
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My DD is 4 and was labled ftt, however after all the tests came back norm/neg we (parents and ped) decided she was not. The specialists however wanted to keep testing for ridiculous things because they wouldn't accept that she could very well just be small and healthy. So we cancelled all our follow ups...with our peds permission.

She fell off the charts around 4 months and never really got back on them..stayed in the neg 5th percentile till she was 2 I think? At which point she got on the chart for weight, maybe 5th percentile and fell off for height At this point she is and always was healthy just small. She turned 4 in March and weighed 32lbs and maybe 34 in? Small very small. She was 12lbs when she started walking at 9m and around 13lbs at a year! Our ped was awesome thru the whole thing...as long as she was following her own growth curve he was fine with it.

I will come back and give you more details later when I have a bit more time.

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My DD is almost 3.5 years old and has always hovered around the 5th percentile. Her ped was never concerned about it because she has always been that way and I'm a tiny person myself. In fact, I was labeled FTT when I was a child. Even now at 3.5 years old DD is barely pushing 30 lbs. I have a 7 month old DD and she is setting up to be just like her sister. Both were/are BF and eat like there's no tomorrow. I think like PP mentioned that if they are following along there own growth curve then everything should be fine. Good luck!
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