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Had a horrible dream.

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Last night I had a really bad dream. I dreamt that I went into labor and my doctor allowed me to have the baby naturally. So I got the the pushing stage and I couldn't push the baby out. Like you know when you have those dreams where you try to run away but your legs are jello and you can't run? Same thing. Because I couldn't push, the doctor pulled the baby out and my vagina stretched down to my knees as she pulled!!!!! Well she layed the baby on my chest and he was huge. He was already the same size as my 19 month old DD. I asked the doctor if he could walk yet. And then I looked at him and was appalled by what I saw. He had this super crooked nose and when he smiled at me he had three rows of teeth (4 teeth per row) on the top and bottom of his mouth. He didn't look like DH or I either. He looked like someone elses baby. I asked the doctor when he could have surgery to get his nose and teeth fixed and she told me as soon as I wanted it done, she could do it. I told her to go ahead and book it as soon as she could. Then my mom came in and was yelling at me that I was a horrible mother and that I should just love my baby because he's my baby and to not care what he looks like and to not have the surgeries done. It was awful.

Now I am scared that I am going to deliver this horrid looking baby.

I think it is because I have been wondering what he looks like. Does he have dark hair like DH or light hair like my family all had when they were born? Is he going to be big or small? That sort of thing. I KNOW I make cute girls but this is new. I don't know how this boy will look!
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I'm sorry you had a bad dream. You're going to have a beautiful boy!
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Aw what a scary dream! I'm having the same feelings-I am so worried this girl
won't be cute since Zan is so cute-she'll grow up with a complex or something! I'm sure he will be just as cute as Calli!
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