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Lots of Braxton Hicks...Anyone else?

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I'm 30 wks and 5 days with my 4th baby. They started on Saturday night and have come on really strong every night since then. I keep myself really hydrated and am pretty good at taking brakes when I need to. Last night they woke me up and were pretty painful. Is anyone else experiencing these yet?
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Yup. My midwife told me that if they are bothering me I should have a half glass of wine because that chills things out, and it does. I don't know your feelings about alcohol during pregnancy but it is sure helping my body relax.
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Best answer EVER! Hope they start again soon!!!
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lol!! it does work like a charm! i've waited until now to have an occasional glass, and the last few days the contractions have not been as obnoxious, and i don't feel that it's warranted.

but i do have a new bottle of my favorite white wine on standby.
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Yep! This is my first pregnancy and I've had them the whole way through. Before term, the midwife told me to call if I had more than six in an hour and they didn't go away if I peed, drank some water and laid down. I'm 40+6 today and get them off and on all day long.
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I started getting them just after 20 weeks and always get them when I go to bed, warm baths before bed help some, but they still happen. Days I'm stressed out they are much much worse. I lost my dog last saturday and was freaking out and they were really bad for hours. Didn't go away till the next morning.
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A warm bath and a bit of wine is sure to help. Also I take some extra calcium/magnesium and red raspberry leaf tea.
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This is my 4th pregnancy and I always have braxton hicks constantly starting about 10 weeks or so. They happen so often that I'm sure most people would think they were in labor. They are strong and
uncomfortable but only last 20 seconds or so. It's normal for me.
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