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Molars before canines?

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That's what everything I've read is telling me...but the white spots in his mouth say differently.

He has the four across the top and four across the bottom (Incisors right?) the white spots on his gums are right beside those...

Is it one of those "all kids are different" kind of things? Or is my son just weird? (If you choose that option you won't offend me! DH and I are pretty weird ourselves)
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It's more typical for molars to come first, but teeth really can show up in any order. I've even heard of kids getting the canines before the incisors!
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DS got his 4 1 yr molars at 15 mos and didn't get his canines for a few more months. His first teeth came in not according to plan however--2 on bottom, then 2 on top, then 2 more on bottom instead of the classic 4 on top and 2 on bottom that babies often have. I think it varies so much--my friend's baby didn't get any teeth in until he 1st bday!
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It's totally one of those 'all kids are different' things. My kid got his teeth in the most bizarre order
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Tooth order is so random, I've never heard of two kids who got them in the same order!
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DS had 4 molars before canines.
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dd's teeth came in really random and not in the 4 tooth rule. she usually got like 1,3, or 5 at a time. she had her molars months before her canines came in- which just started to appear along with her last side incisors tooth. (see, 5 at a time, lol).
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we got the 4 1yr molars around 16-18 months, and he's only just cut the top canines, and working on the bottom ones now at 21-22 months.
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DS still only has 3 canines and he is 27 months old.
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Here's to random tooth order!

My son got his front top and bottom teeth, then three of his incisors, then four molars, then three canines, then that fourth incisor showed up and that fourth canine is still MIA.
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Both of my children got their molars before their eye teeth, but tooth order is so completely random from child to child and from family to family. Nothing to worry about.
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