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The Center for Women's Health Avon, NJ- Question!

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My husband and I are current TTC and I would love to hear others reviews on the Center for Women's Health in Avon, NJ. Also, if anyone would like to share approximately how much their services cost that would be fantastic!
Our insurance won't cover maternity care and were looking for lower cost alternatives but without losing quality. We don't qualify for medicaid and we only qualify in getting some help from charity care. However, I really would like to use a midwife in the end!

Any words of advice are greatly appreciated!
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LOVE Louise and Patty! I've been going for over 5 years now and had both my children with them. My first was breech so I did have a c-section, but my second was a successful VBAC! I delivered the 2nd time at Jersey Shore and Patty was great. They let me labor in whatever position I wanted and even wanted to get my up off the bed while pushing since I pushed for over 3 hours. My sister and cousin are both pregnant right (my sister even with twins) now and travel over an hour to get to them (we are all in Mdlsx County) and have nothing but great things to say about them as well. Awesome small office setting and you always get a call from one of them right away if they are not in the office!

Sorry, didn't address the cost issue. I can't really say how much they cost - my insurance covers all but a 250.00 co-pay for pregnancy/birth. I can look at my claims and let you know tho.

I will get back to you!

Hope this helps!
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I just checked my claims. It looks like my hospital stay (from start to finish only was there for 38 hours) was $8,984 and the midwife charge was $4,000. I think that charge was for my complete care for my entire pregnancy. That doesn't include any u/s tho, they didn't do those in the office.

The hospital/midwife might be less, tho, if it's a "cash" type situation.
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This response if probably way too late for your pregnancy, but I can say that Patty and Louise are absolutely wonderful!  When we had our first baby we lived in Monmouth County so the drive wasn't that bad, but now that we are pregnant with our second and have moved to Middlesex County we continue to make the drive to them because they are everything you could want when it comes to maternity care.  Regarding the price...well honestly my insurance covered that, but I kept all the statements and kept adding them up because I was just curious and for a normal labor with no complications and no meds whatsoever our total at Jersey Shore University Medical Center was a little more than $28,000!!!!!  Isn't that crazy??  The midwife part of that was only like $4,000 like the other responder said.  I can't imagine that feeding me for two days costs that much cash, but it did.  I can say that I know that if we had had a Dr. it would have cost more than $4,000 for that part of the bill.  I would be beyond shocked to hear that you went to them and didn't really like them and the services they provide.  

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I have just recently found out that i am pregnant with my first. I have been going to TCFWH for a year for gynocological visits. I really would prefer to find a mid-wife practice that offers home births. I am not thrilled at the idea of being in a hospital. How are the mid wives during labor & delivery? Are they always with you? Do other hospital staff enter the room at all? What happens after delivery? Are you able to keep the baby or do they take it away? Can you have the baby stay with you in your room?

thanks in advance for any feedback!

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I touched on my experience a bit in my previous thread, but I don't think my hospital birth could have gone any better.  They allowed me to push for 3 hours as a VBAC candidate, which I think says a lot.  Their back up doc kept coming to the door to check my progress and they wouldn't even let him in, they didn't want to worry me!   I had my first with them at Monmouth and my second at JSMC.  Jersey Shore was great.  Nurses were good, they allowed for pushing in different positions.  I didn't want to move, but they wanted me to stand and push.  In the end, they put up a bar on the bed for me to push off of.  My daughter stayed by me for hours after the birth, before any very brief visits to the nursery (and i always asked if she could stay, but for certain tests with the pediatrician they would take her for an hour or so).  She didn't even get a bath for a long while and when they did it, it was in the room.  Its pretty well know that they are very supportive if you want your baby near you for the most of your stay.  Talk with Patty and Louise, they'll ease your fears!



p.s.- my sister delivered TWINS vaginally at Jersey Shore with them as well.   most people are pushed into a c-section with twins, they never even brought it up with her. 

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