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I'm already stressing about names

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This is gonna make for a long pregnancy

My ds' name is Trent, he was named for the Trent river in our hometown, his name was picked months before we got pregnant.

My dd's name is Bridget- she wasn't named until she was 4 days old, though it was really the only name we both agreed on during the whole pregnancy. We like to have the names mean something, so Trent was obvious, Bridget came about because dh compared it to the "bridge" in our hometown over the river I'm pretty sure I gave him 3-4 name suggestions every day and he shot each one down. He's very picky. The middle names aren't too hard, we name them for family members or people special to us.

This baby is going to be impossible to name.
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How about River then? It works for either gender

Yeah, I know. I'm not as funny as I think I am. Anyway, I wouldn't stress too much about it. DH and I argued about the name in the delivery room. It was a fight that started at 20 weeks when we found out he was a boy. I presented him with a spreadsheet (yes, I'm a huge nerd) of about 30 names, and insisted he pick one. There were a few on there that I knew he hated, but there were also a handful that met his criteria for a "good name for his son." In the end, and down to the wire, he picked from the list.
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Men are so weird. Last pregnancy, I must have suggested the name "Alice" about 15 times, and he turned it down. FINALLY got him to read the baby name book himself, and what does he suggest? Alice.

DS is a boy, so it didn't matter, but really!
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We have a possible theme going on as well since both DS's and DD's names are roots of Virginia cities So, I guess we could look at a map...or just stick to the traditional baby name book route
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We have a girl name picked out but are having a hard time with a boy name there are some names that we like but I am not sure I love any of them. At least we have time, right?
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are there any rocks near that river and bridge? You could name the baby "Petra" I know a little girl with that name and she is so cute. We also call her Petch for short which I think is cute.
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Ours is going to be named after DH if it's a boy (BORING, but a discussion we settled years ago, sigh). If it's a girl...I don't know. Some variant on one of my sisters' or my girlfriend's name for the middle, probably, and for the first...we could stick with the Elvish thing. DD likes the name "Elizabeth." I'm partial to Freydis, but have a friend who uses it as her SCA name, and Thordis, but DD chose that as HER SCA name.

Good thing there's lots of time to decide.
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We have a boy's name. And are pretty fond of a girl name. But don't have a middle name for the girl name. Plus, it's the name of a girl who I hate and is in love with my man.... So... I want to like it less than I do. heh.
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I have absolutely no idea what to call this one if it's a boy. Me and the dad simply cannot come up with good boys names. Now if it's a girl it's so much easier. Can have twins even and still not have to rack my brain to name them
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