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Alternatives To Bleach????

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Hello, all. I have just moved into a home that has white tile and white grout and white sinks in the kitchen. Any non-bleach suggestions for keeping the surfaces white? Thanks, Calgal
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it really does work. you can get it at Sam's, that way you don't have to order off tv. i also use it in the laundry. scuse the terseness and lack of caps, but i'm nak!
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I will try it! Thanks for the tip. Now, go get dressed!
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Nonononono -- the lack of caps WAS confusing, wasn't it? NAK stands for Nursing At Keyboard, not Naked. Not that I'm not naked at my 'puter on a regular basis, but it would have no effect on my grammar or punctuation.


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Dh brought home some of that oxyclean stuff. Is that what you are talking about? Is it suppossed to be non-poisonous, better than bleach? I was curious bc I thought I had seen commercials advertising how good for the environment or safe to use around kids, but on the label it seemed to advise that it was a poison. Maybe I'm talking about st different.

btw I also have white porcelin sinks, and they are a devil to keep white. Lately I have been using baking soda as a paste and scrubbing. Works pretty good, but not as good as comet unfortunately, but I am determined to only use non poisonous cleaners any more.
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porcelin sink

I had trouble with my white porcelin sink after switching over to baking soda & vinegar only. I bought a plastic tub (like the kind you get at a hospital to bath baby in). I set it down in my sink and use it to wash dishes in, it keeps down those ugly black marks that take a lot of elbow grease to scrub out. I refuse to go back to chemicals!
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I have the same concerns about having a non-toxic household. I make my own laundry soap, use ecover in my dishwasher, clean with vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon -- you get the idea. I feel pretty comfortable with this stuff. I wouldn't DRINK it, but I've done some pretty intense cleaning with high concentrations and no gloves, and my hands don't have that chemical feeling that they used to when I cleaned with mainstream products.

(I also have tile & grout countertops so I completely understand the challenge of getting it clean without bleach.)

So that's my .02!
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Guess I gave away my age there; haven't had a nursing babe for nine years (sniffle -- would have had dozens of babes, but number 2 was high-risk, and frightened us!) Anyway, I got a good laugh out of the little misunderstanding. Naked at Keyboard gives an immediate visual. . . Calgal
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is one alternative...or is that what is in oxy???
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