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NOVA help!!

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Hi all! I am looking for opinions. We are moving to NOVA August 1 and need to know areas to seek out and areas to avoid. I have two sets of twins. 14 year olds will be in High School and 5 year olds will be in kindergarten. I'm leaning in the areas of Fairfax City, Oakton, Centreville, Chantilly, Reston Herndon. My 14 year old son is visualy impaired and we are wanting to be urban and close to public transportation. We are also looking to rent fwiw.
Looking forward to lots of responses!
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We moved out to Northern VA this past fall. We are renting, and actually came out here without a place to live lined up. We had great luck with Craigslist! We wanted to be within walking distance to a metro stop as my partner works in DC. We looked around the Falls Church and Vienna area. But ended up renting in the Springfield area.

Good luck with your search!!
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Thanks!! I've checked Craigslist but it's been a week or so. I'm off to check again! I know there are a WHOLE LOT MORE opinions out there. I want to be near public transportation and want good high schools and elementary school and all within about 15 miles from Dulles Airport. Do I want too much???
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Thanks again
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If you want to be walking distance from a metro, then Vienna may be a good choice if you would like to rent a townhouse or the like. Very good schools, good public transportation within easy commute to Dulles, and pleasant surroundings. There are also surrounding areas of Fairfax that may fit the bill. Also, Reston and Herndon are both very close to Dulles, have good public transportation (buses, with a metro planned in the next few years), and great schools.

Good luck in your search - NOVA is a great place to live with kids, with tons of parks and other outdoor areas, good infrastructure and nice neighborhoods.
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