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bellevue enrichment program

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My daughter is being evaluated by the Bellevue school district outside of Seattle WA and we were wondering if anyone knew anything about the programs that are offered to gifted kids. We know that there is a part-time program and a full time program which are available to you based on your scores. We are most interested in what they do in these programs. Is it primarily academic? Is the workload heavy? Is there a lot of pressure and competition? What about homework? Is there a social component?

Our DD is a happy, creative and curious kid. We are not interested in putting her into a pressure filled situation which feels like a punishment for being bright.
Would love to know what actually happens in these classrooms.

Thanks so much,
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We're looking at moving to the Bellevue area this Fall and I'm looking into the same things. Can you tell me what you've learned (I know the website stuff - looking for more personal knowledge) and what you decided on for your kiddo?
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I was just talking with someone about the PRISM program on Monday

I don't really know anything about the part time program in Bellevue. I know a couple people who have done the full time program, though. Both my kids are in the full time program in Lake Washington School District and we know some kids in the part time program as well.

I know that Odle is VERY competitive in math competitions, but that is 6-8th grade so you're probably not interested in that.

What did you both decide?
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