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What Do Ya Think?

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Ok girls, here is what is going on.

Lately I have been feeling as though my body is getting ready for labor. Things seem really different. I have been having increasing BH ctx that are happening when I walk AND when I am just sitting around. They do quit if I change activities but some of them have been getting uncomfortable and some of them have been making me feel as though I have to poop (sorry TMI). Baby is still breech. I have also been having some lower back aches that come and go (been happening for a week or so now). The biggest thing is I am SOOOO anxious feeling but I have so much energy. I never went to bed until 1:30 AM last night. Normally I am in bed at 10 PM. I have been dead tired this whole pregnancy and now all of a sudden for the last two days I have had a TON of energy! I have also been sleeping like crap for the past week or so. I mean I haven't slept good at all this pregnancy but the last week I am up EVERY HOUR!!!! I have also had an increase in pelvic pain (possible early dilation, IDK).

So I have a dr.s appt. today and I'd like to tell her about all of this stuff but she has a major tendancy to freak out over stuff and she would most definitely want to do a cervical exam and I really don't want one at all right now.

So, what do you all think. Am I overreacting? I never had this stuff happen with DD and she was born at almost 40 weeks.
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I've been having a ton of BH, too. Sitting, walking, you name it. I also feel SOOO low. I can feel the baby's head in my pelvis (or darn near close, I dunno). Anyway, I think b/c we're 2nd time moms, we're getting these sensations earlier. I spoke with my doula about it (who TECHNICALLY is a midwife, but not the kind that is allowed to legally practice in NY) and she said it's very normal. You can tell your MW but there's really no way to know unless you get an internal. Just try to relax, go with the flow... And good luck!
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I've been feeling things much earlier with this one, as well. I know I was around 36 weeks last time before I felt crampy and pinchy and low-hanging, but I've been that way since at least 32 weeks this time.
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I'd hold off on mentioning it just so you can skip the cervical check. I've been sleeping like crap lately too and I don't understand it! I want to get as much as I can before baby-and that's not that much with as badly as Zan sleeps. Keep us updated on what you decide to do.
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I've been like this too for a while--30 weeks now. Having crazy braxton hicks contractions--didn't get them until 36ish + weeks with the boys. She is crazy low--head bumping against the cervix. I haven't mentioned how much I'm having them to the midwife though since they aren't really bothering me too much.
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I didn't see my regular doc yesterday. It was a different one. I did tell him about the pubic pain when he asked if I had any complaints but that was it. I probably could have told him everything and he would have just been like "meh", but I figured there's no point.

I really hope this one sticks it out in there. I just have this feeling that he might come early. Then last night out of the blue, my mom said that she had that feeling.

In all honesty, if he wanted to come between 36 and 37 weeks I would be fine with that. I have made myself a deal. If this baby decided to come at say 36.4 weeks I would stay at home til it was push time. This way I would get out of the c/s at 37.2 weeks. I mean they can't cut me open when I show up with baby half way out right :P
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I've been feeling the same way! Complete with lower back pain - and it's the back pain that really weirds me out. Very much like menstrual cramps.

I'm constantly saying to myself, the little one (and everyone else) JUST WAIT UNTIL 36 WEEKS! (which is three weeks from now for me)

Keep us posted!
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