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My friend just called and told me that her sister bled heavily after birth of her baby and doctors even told them that she is dying! ...well, i called her sister and she told me the story: they went to the hospital when the contraction staff gave her the "routine epidural" , after sometime a nurse started giving instructions to push, she said it was quiet long she was pushing...then the doctor came and gave the nurse and strange look, she heard him say "what did you do?" , then her baby was born in a second, she just jumped out! but just after that a heavy bleeding started. that nurse disappeared suddenly. many doctors came and she heard them say "she won't do it", they told her mom and husband that she was dying (was it really happening in 21th century?!?! . they gave her blood transfusion and coagulants. and suddenly things seemed to get better and she survived. neither her nor her family understand what really happened? she could dye but why? could it be that the nurse ruptured her cervix or vagina (because of the epidural she wasn't aware of anything). could it be that she has bleeding problems and that's why she bled, but those shouldn't be evident in pregnancy blood tests? does anyone have any clue? thanx for reading.