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realizing i belong here..

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hi mamas,

it's a sad day for me as i am finally coming out of my denial fog over my 27 month old son.

he's been really agressive at daycare and at home and it's due to his speech being delayed. bright child, not many words..daycare pushed me to do EI and we have this set up for the end of the month.

won't be shocked when we get some diagnosis of ADD or he's put somewhere on the low end of the spectrum.

just wanted to intro myself as i suspect i'll be showing up often.

blessings, belove
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I think many of us here can relate to how you're feeling.
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i'm still in the fog a year past diagnosis
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(((Hugs))) to you mama. Good for you for going to EI and getting help now. It's a journey, isn't it?
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Thanks mamas! My son is truly an amazing child and there is so much beauty in how he sees the world. I am grateful for every moment with him and do look at this as just a way to really connect with him by learning his world and how to live happily in it.

His joy is much more than his anger,so i have hope in reigning this in and making life enjoyable for all.

Currently reading "RAISING YOUR SPIRITED CHILD", and it's a Godsend.

I look forward to growing with all of you.

Love and hugs, Belove
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Welcome Belove!

Have you tried signing with him? It does help to alleviate some of the frustration he experiences with communication. We would watch the "signing times" videos and we'd share the signs with the teachers as he'd master them.
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signing is a wonderful idea! i have some material at home to work with.

cool thing is that i can almost always understand him as i really work to "tuning" into the kiddo, only time i have problems is when his mind is latched on something obscure (like my keys) and i have no idea what he wants that he is so upset over.

can you suggest any books that might help me understand him? something aimed for young toddlers/child development? espeically in special needs cases..

i don't want to read a book on "normal" child development (i don't care for that word...) as it will only make me upset cuz i'll see what my kid isn't doing.
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I think your are on the right track with "raising your spirited child". Making your child more understandable to yourself as well as others... signing is really the way to go in my humble opinion.

Check your local library to see if they have the "Signing Times" videos. My son hated anything about the TV except the signing times videos. They are fun to watch, even for the parents. Plus the library I'm sure has TONS of books on sign language. Stay away from "Baby Signs" and stick with American Sign Language as it's universal and just as simple for a child to learn as the baby signs stuff.

It's great that you can tune into your child. I think most mothers are intuitive. However, we can't be tuned in 24x7. Signing gives your child the freedom to communicate with everyone around him.
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Ditto the rec for the "Signing Time" DVDs. Our library has them and my boys have always really responded to them.
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Ditto to "Signing Time". I'm a Speech Path and recommend them constantly. My dd also has Down Syndrome and she has used them for a long time. She knows well over 500 signs.

You also may want to look at some books on sensory issues, like "The out of sync child"...and I can't remember the other one...but will try to look. (Unfortunately we were in the Nashville floods last month and lost our house and most of our books...and I cannot remember the title.)

Hugs! Jenn
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Found it in another thread..."Raising a Sensory Smart Child".
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So grateful for all of you.

Had my son at a Solstice Drum Circle/Fire this weekend and boy did he really fall into that energy. He's a magical little guy. So he may be lacking in areas that conform to the traditional world,but boy is he in alignment with the spiritual...

He amazes me. I embrace whatever is going on...

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Raising Your Spirited Child pretty much saved my older son because we were near our wit's end with him!!

And we've had great success with sign language with our middle son, who has many reasons why his speech is delayed (oral motor issues, structural malformations, hearing loss, and a neurological disorder). Our "normal" 8 month old is starting to pick up on the signs now too

I hope you stick around and get to know us!
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I have just started reading Intuitive Parenting by Debra J. Snyder. She had a child with Lissencephaly and our Grandson was just diagnosed with Liss. So, I thought it might be relevant to our situation. But I am finding that it's a great book for all people dealing with all "types" of children. She really deals with "listening" to children with our "intuition". It seems like a great book and might be a good read for your situation.
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You've gotten a lot of great advice here, so I'm just going to say Welcome!!
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Other books to consider are:
The Challenging Child
Building Healthy Minds
The Out of Sync Child has Fun

If you think he's on the autism spectrum, you might get some ideas from:
Engaging Autism
Relationship Development Intervention
(Even if he's not, these have got good ideas for engaging with your child.)
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