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removing spit-up stains from clothing?

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Hi everyone,

I need your help. Many of my shirts have spit-up stains that have set-in and WILL NOT come out. There is sort of a greasy spot, sometimes not noticed until after laundry is done and I am wearing the item (usually at work ). We cloth diaper, and I was using Charlie's soap on both the diapers and our clothing. Apparently, it can clean poo out of diapers, but not spit-up stains out of clothes...

Once I went back to work, I had to start supplementing w/formula due to some pumping issues, so there is a mix of milk and formula based stains. Now, he is 7 months and eating lots of solid food, so that's a component as well.

Things I have tried:
  • Charlie's soap
  • spraying with Bio-Kleen and then wash as normal
  • soak in Oxi-Clean and then wash as normal
  • wash w/oxi-clean added
  • rockin' green (soaked 1 hour per package instructions, wash w/o extra detergent)
  • tide he, stain wash cycle w/extra tide stain remover added as pre-treatment

I have been checking a few items that were particularly noticeable, and none of these things has seemed to make any difference on the spots. I would really prefer to not have to buy all new clothes, but at this rate I've probably spend enough on laundry supplies that I could have bought new clothes at the thrift instead.

So, I am sort of out of ideas. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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I had the same problem with the spit-up staining clothes. I used the Spray and Wash stain stick as soon as they come out of the dryer and I notice it. I then let it sit until the next load. I have not had a problem getting any stain out with the SNW. Good luck!!
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Thanks so much! I will have to pick up some Spray n Wash next time I am out. I hope it works for us!
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When you did the oxyclean soak did you use the hottest water you had? Stupid question I know but I could never get it to work for me until my cousin told me you need hot water to activate it.

Wish I would have known that 2 kids ago! But since then I have gotten everything but some red sauces out of our clothes.
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Someone told me the only thing that worked for her (she has 3 kids, all had bad reflex) was to soak in oxyclean in the hotest water, then spray with spray and wash then coat it with an oxyclean paste. Wash it once, redo the spray and wash and wash it like normal. Sometimes she had to do it several times. But her kids had horrible, had to be on meds to gain weight, reflux problem. They didn't stop having the problem until after a year and they were all under 12 pounds at a year so little tikes. I felt so bad for her cause she had to do so much since they couldn't afford not to get the stains out and reuse the clothes (who can but I couldn't imagine dealing with kids with health problems and having to do all that work every load of laundry I washed).
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I have had some luck rubbing in some dish detergent, such as Dawn and letting it sit for a little while before washing.
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I agree with dissolving the Oxy-Clean in very hot water (half scoop per gallon water), but would then add soak for at least 24 hours or longer. This has completely removed all food stains (blueberries, peaches, chocolate) and blood. This has only slightly removed dingy dirt stains on knees and did not work for mildew stains on a washrag.
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