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Fine, Baby, I give up

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***** Disclaimer: Yes, I know 38 weeks is really early to start whining and overdue ladies, please bear with me and don't hate me too much. I have my reasons (past birth trauma) for the 40 week mark feeling like a death sentence. ***** That being said:

Okay, I officially give up trying to convince this baby to come OUT. After months of trying to rest and not do anything to make the contractions worse, I went all systems go at 37 weeks. Walking, step aerobics, sex, nipple stimulation, gallons of RRLT, EPO inserted vaginally, spicy food (I'm allergic to pineapple or I'd be downing that)...today I mowed the lawn! Besides dilating to 2-3 and getting to 50% effaced on Tuesday (only to be told by another OB yesterday that I was only 1cm and long ) I have had nothing. Sure, hours on end of 5 minute apart 90 second painful contractions. Lower back ache, nausea, vomiting, and just plain crabbiness. But is it doing me any good? Nope. Nothing will put me into a good labor pattern. Nothing will convince this one to come out.

So I surrender. She wants to give Daddy a Fathers' Day surprise on Sunday? Wonderful. She wants to be born next Wednesday on her sister's 2nd birthday? Fine. She wants to be born next Thursday on our 11 year anniversary? Great. She wants to wait until July 6 and be taken c-section on her Grandpa's birthday? Good for her. I didn't think asking her to come out just a bit sooner was too much to ask, but apparently she wants to make it known that she might be the youngest, but she is in charge.

*sigh* At least it's not 500 degrees out.
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I could have written that post, lol. I am 38+4 today, the same day that ds was born during his pregnancy. I took it easy until 37 weeks because I was afraid the babe would be early with all the action I was having. Now I feel like I'm in early labor for days on end with no cervical change. I mean really, what is going to be the difference in real early labor that changes my cervix when these aren't? I'm so frustrated and angry all the time and I feel horrible that I am not being a good mama to my ds. I know this babe is already bigger than his brother and I know it's stupid but I don't want a giant baby that doesn't fit into any of his clothes, and I've got giant stretch marks that I never had with ds, and acne all over my body from his hormones, and I just feel like crying most of the time, and he still doesn't come.
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I understand! I was on bed rest and taking anti-ctx meds from 31 weeks until 37 weeks. Here I am, 40 weeks pregnant. Still ctx, lots of cramping and painful with back ache, etc. No change in my dilation in a week despite all this. I am so frustrated I want to cry.
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I think we should all get together and cry, seriously.

At 36 weeks I was convinced the babe was coming. I woke up with regular contractions (PAINFUL) the runs, lower back pain, and up until than I'd have every symptom in the book. So for the week I had to take it easy and took some herbs to stop any labor. 37 weeks? Had sex approximately once before I was like UM NO MORE OF THAT, spicy food, gardening, walking, you name it.

Today I had a fantastic massage, and I've finally accepted my fate. The kid doesn't wanna come? Fine. But I'm just in pain contractions, back aches, etc. With DD I was basically feeling fine up until I went into labor, so all these false alarms are driving me a little crazy.
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Thats the thing for me. All these ctx just give me such false hope. I just cannot take the disappointment of this emotional rollercoaster.

Besides the ctx I feel GREAT. I definitely don't feel 40 weeks pregnant. I'm sleeping well, not overly exhausted, no other crazy end of pregnancy complaints. Just these stupid ctx that HURT.
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Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

Started Sunday night with contractions and cramping and I finally called the midwife today (after being up all night with contractions). She wanted to come and check on me since in her experience third babies can be unpredictable. So she comes and checks-not dilated AT ALL. She did say I was nice and squishy (rather my cervix was) and she gave it a little massage. She agreed it was prodromal labor and it should either pick up or go away. We'll see...I just want the pain to go away and a full night's sleep (or at least a couple unbroken hours)...under those conditions she can come ANYTIME.
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Oh momma! LOL!! I'm right there with you! I'm to 4cm, 100% effaced and this baby is so damned stubborn!! I've been sure I was going to have her any day now for at least two weeks. I'm 39 weeks on Saturday and on Tuesday my doctor told me that if I got into an every 6-8 minute contraction pattern that kept up when I was strapped in at the hospital he would just break my water and get it going for me. I was so excited that husband and I decided to do the baby making dance the next morning because the last two times we did was followed by at least 6 hours of strong contractions about 5 minutes apart.... So guess what happened this time, sporadic random contractions the rest of the day Biggest disappointment ever! I give up!!
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Im with ya....I'm 39+1 and have been having prodoma, labor for 3 weeks now. Last night we were walking downtown to go to dinner and the contractions were so bad I couldn't walk or talk through them, I can time them every evening, sometimes they are 5-7 min apart and some nights 8-10 min apart, but they are timable and consistent and apparently aren't doing anything. I go to the midwife today, i don't think I'm going to let her even check me because if I am still totally closed up and no effacement (like last week) I might cry. I think I could handle being pregnant for a while longer but The thought of working my 2 12 hour shifts tomorrow and sunday bring me to tears. I will be in my feet pushing and pulling on sick, big, sometimes gross patients. I swear I almost didn't make it last weekend and I am just that much more uncomfortable this weekend. I woukd have thought baby #4 would have made her way here by now....guess not
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Every time I go to the bathroom, I do the silent "please let there be bloody show" plea. I've never had bloody show until I was at least 4-5 and in the hospital, though, so I don't hold much hope.

Today I mowed more of the lawn. We have an electric mower, which is very nice and easy for me to push, but it's been raining around here a lot so the grass is long and damp. It kills the battery very quickly. I did the whole back between yesterday and today and got the little side area and the boulevard done today. I guess it's nice to be accomplishing something. Even if it's not putting me into labor, I'm getting good exercise and knocking something off of dh's "to do" list. I'm considering trekking to the mall again to get dh's Fathers' Day present, but our dog got spayed yesterday so I'm not comfortable leaving her alone here.
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