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Playsilks for 2 yo?

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After searching for ages I finally found some vegan playsilk thingamies in the UK for a 2nd birthday gift for my niece. I thought I'd tuck about 10 of them into a vintage Felix the Cat lunchbox and blammo! gift magic. But DH thinks it's a weird idea and worries she'd wonder where the gift was.

Really? I would have loved a gift like that as a kid. But maybe 2 is too young?

So what do you think? A good gift idea for a physical and adventurous 2 yea old or another of mama's dafties? I dunno. :
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I personally think it's an awesome idea and would love it if Ds received a gift like that. He's one and half and he would have a blast playing with playsilks.
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And a box with a cat on it too? Total win!
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I think your husband is overestimating what it takes to bring joy to a small child and what they consider gifts. My son is about your child's age, and he would love it. Heck, my daughter is four and half, and she would love it too. For my birthday recently she gave me two dimes, a nickel, a birthday hat she fashioned for me, and a picture she drew , and she would have been thrilled if I gave the same to her for her birthday.
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A 2 year old doesn't wonder where a gift is. I don't think that is a thought that 2 year olds form.
Any 2 year I know would be thrilled to be handed a cat box with pretty, soft scarves!
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I bet it will be her favourite present. DS would love to open a lunch box and have a bunch of beautifully dyed play silks come spilling out. (I would love it too) I gave my 7 and 8 year old DNs big play silk canopies for Christmas and they loved them.
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My 22 month old DD2, almost 4 year old DD1 and 5.5 year old all love their playsilks!
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We just celebrated my twins 2nd birthday yesterday. They really have no concept of a "gift". Yes, my dd held the baby doll for a while but really the boxes and wrapping held the same appeal. My 2 year olds love the few playsilks we have and my ds would love the lunch box if for no other reason to fill it up with things and dump it out again .
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