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Sometimes it's easier with toddlers if you find one place to go each day, not for too long but just to get a change of scenery with them.

Also, I'd take her outside and chase her around there a bit when she gets wild. I know it's work, but it seems to make things easier afterward when they've been able to get some of that out of their systems.

I agree about trying to improve the eating, because that makes a bigger difference in behavior that we sometimes think. I remember the lightbulb moment when I started feeding dd #1 eggs for breakfast instead of cereal. That one change made a massive difference. That child needs protein in the morning. Try some different food options, all healthy, and see what works best for you dd.

Another thing is that sensory play helps a lot of kids. Get something out that she can get messy with. Put her in the bathtub to do it if the mess will be overwelming. You can make homemade finger paints she can paint the tub with, and then give her a bath. Or just a bath with a small amount of water during the day for play. Some rice to run her hands through. A sandbox. Something like that might help her calm down.

Don't feel bad about finding it difficult. I waited 7 years to have a second child, and there's a reason for that.

It isn't easy, but the good news is that the particular stage you're in is temporary, and that there are ways to make even this stage better. Hold on!
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It is the age.

I loved the infant stage, even with twins, but that second year nearly did me in. I swear I aged 5 years during that year. I have a funny book on my nightstand called, "I Was a Really Good Mom, Before I Had Kids." It has all kinds of funny things like mothers admitting that their child's first word was "Shrek". It is not exactly AP but when I read it, it made me feel much better.

Hang in there mama, you are not alone.
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I love love love DecemberSun's post. I am taking so much advice just from that one little post.

I also wanted to add that 20 to 24 months is truly an *extremely* hard age. One of the hardest, in my opinion. Not old enough to do all the things they think they can & not old enough to fully express what they want/need a lot of the time. Very difficult. Hold on just a couple more months. 2 isn't as bad as everyone says
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